Can Husky Stadium equal Autzen?

SEATTLE -- Will Husky Stadium matter tonight?

Husky Stadium used to be the most fearsome venue in the Pac-10. It was always included on lists of the "loudest" stadiums.

But it has been eclipsed in the Pac-12 by Oregon's Autzen Stadium, which is without question the best homefield advantage in the conference. And the loudest stadium.

Of course, that's not something Huskies fans enjoy acknowledging.

It the old days, Husky Stadium would overflow its 72,500 capacity. A sell out is not expected tonight.

But can the the expected 67,000 make this place rock? More important: Can they cause problems for the Ducks offense? You know: No communication, false starts, miscues.

The Ducks have a better team. But the better team doesn't always win. Intangibles play a part.

And the Husky Stadium crowd needs to be tangible tonight.