Stanford No. 2 in coaches poll

Yeah, Stanford, this is getting serious.

Stanford rose to No. 2 in the coaches poll and No. 3 in the AP poll on Sunday. The coaches poll counts in the BCS standings, the AP does not.

Still, two things need to happen for the Cardinal to be certain to play for the national title: 1. It needs to finish 13-0.; 2. It needs Oklahoma State to lose.

It appears the Cowboys will eclipse the Cardinal in the BSC standings if both finish undefeated, though of course nothing is certain.

Of course, Stanford has some immediate and pressing business: Oregon visits on Saturday and it is No. 6 in both polls. A lot is at stake for both teams, with the Ducks looking for a third consecutive conference title.

Arizona State is no longer in the top-25 after losing at UCLA. Among the "others receiving votes," it ranks 28th with the AP and 26th with the coaches.

USC is 18th in the AP poll. It's ineligible for the coaches poll due to NCAA sanctions.

Washington also is receiving votes in both polls.

LSU won all No. 1 votes in both polls save one, a weekly moonbeam for Boise State in the AP poll.

Oklahoma State is No. 2 with the AP, No. 3 with the coaches.

Alabama, after losing to LSU, is fourth in both polls. Boise State is fifth.