Barkley over Luck? Holt over Barkley?

You guys know I'd never stir the pot. Never.

But this is interesting: Washington coach Steve Sarkisian said he'd take USC QB Matt Barkley over Stanford QB Andrew Luck. Here's the full quote, courtesy of Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

"If I'm an NFL head coach right now I'd pick Matt Barkley ahead of Andrew Luck. I think where he fits into the NFL in his pocket presence and what Lane [Kiffin] is doing with him, the variety of offense they are playing with, his ability to make all of the throws, throwing them on time and to them accurately. He's fantastic to me, and I know him personally, so I have a little better insight into what he is and what he represents I think he's fantastic.''

What Sarkisian didn't say was that "right now" -- at the moment he was speaking -- Luck was taking a shower and Barkley was in full pads. It's against NFL rules to play naked, so Luck -- right then -- wouldn't have been worth picking over Luck. What Sark didn't say was who'd he'd pick in 15 minutes when Luck was in uniform.

It's also notable that Sarkisian has seen the last of Luck and is playing Barkley and the Trojans this weekend.

Then, of course, there's this: Washington coach Nick Holt said last week that he'd "rather play USC than Oregon, quiet honestly." Here's what Sarkisian said about that, also from Condotta's blog:

"I think you could ask every defensive coordinator in our conference the same question and they'd tell you the same thing -- Oregon is hard to prepare for because of how unique they are. That doesn't mean that SC is not really good -- I think they are a tremendous football team, and I think Nick would agree with that. The comment was about the preparation of an offensive style, and as we've all seen it now for years since Chip [Kelly] has been at Oregon, they are hard to prepare for. The speed and the tempo in which they play at -- it's difficult. If that quote makes SC play better, than it makes them play better. I don't know. We don't motivate that way here."

Is Holt's statement the least controversial comment that has ever been played as controversial? The answer is yes.

Folks: Oregon has had one of the nation's best offenses for four years running. USC has not. Ergo, Holt -- and you and me and every defensive coordinator IN THE ENTIRE WORLD -- would rather prepare for USC.

And, yeah, it matters that USC runs a pro-style offense and Oregon runs a spread-option that features all sorts of misdirection.

But feel free to rage, rage against these offenses to common decency.