Pac-12 back in fourth in power rankings

The SEC remains atop ESPN Stats & Info's Conference Power Rankings, and the Pac-12 has moved back into fourth place behind the No. 3 Big Ten and No. 2 Big 12.

The Big Ten and Pac-12 are tight, though. The Pac-12 was 0.9 ahead of the Big Ten last week, but now it is 0.7 behind. Three weeks ago, the Big Ten was 22 points ahead of the Pac-12.

The Pac-12 remains decisively ahead of the ACC by 11.1 points.

Here's why the Big Ten moved ahead of the Pac-12:

The Big Ten reclaimed third place in the rankings after wins by Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin. Despite not having a team ranked in the Top 12 of the AP Poll, the Big Ten has five teams ranked in the AP Top 25, which is tied with the SEC for the most of any conference.

The Big Ten does not have one elite national-title contender, but the conference has five teams with an 8-2 record and only two teams with losing records. In contrast, the Pac-12 only has three teams with two or fewer losses and four teams with losing records.

The SEC and Big 12, separated by just 4.7 points, are way ahead of the other conferences. The Big 12 is 20.8 points ahead of the Big Ten.