Notes on Pac-12-Big Ten collaboration

Just chatted with Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, who will be doing a teleconference with reporters later this afternoon, about the new collaboration with the Big Ten. Here are some notes.

  • Starting in 2017, there will be a full slate of home-and-home series between the conferences. Yes, that means Ohio State will play in Pullman and Michigan will go to Corvallis. And vice versa. This isn't just about matching the big stadium teams and the smaller stadium teams.

  • Count on there also being plenty of special event matchups at marquee neutral sites -- such as NFL stadiums. There is plenty of room for creativity in order to generate more revenue.

  • It has not yet been worked out exactly how home-and-home payouts will go, but Scott said it's not a concern. It's likely it will end up function as a typical home-and-home series would.

  • Things won't really get rolling with a full schedule between the conferences until 2017 because many teams have already done significant future nonconference scheduling. But you could notice an uptick in the number of Big Ten and Pac-12 football games as soon as 2013.

  • While Scott said the conference might soon revisit the nine-game conference schedule -- "a fresh conversation" -- he also said there's not much momentum behind reverting back to an eight-game slate.

  • This collaboration will start to be felt in basketball and Olympic sports almost immediately, including next school year.