Pac-12 chat wrap

We chatted Thursday about the Pac-12 and a foolproof way to make $5 million immediately following the chat.

You missed it? Too bad.

Here's the unexpurgated transcript -- other than the business tip.

And here are some highlights.

Mike (Elk Grove): What chance does USC have in getting Isaac Seumalo to switch from Oregon State...

Ted Miller (3:00 PM): Always a chance but the "Dad is a coach at Oregon State" deal feels like it would be hard to break, particularly when the Beavers & coach Mike Riley are facing an important season.

DawgFan09 (Snowpocalypse - WA): Hey Ted - bet you're glad you're not around the Seattle area for our icestorm With the new hires and recruiters we have - who are the biggest names the Dawgs can pull in on Feb 1?Banner included? we need the beef!

Ted Miller (3:02 PM): Hey, the weather down here in Scottsdale isn't great either... yesterday I saw some clouds and it was only in the mid-60s. As for the Huskies: I wouldn't expect too many dramatic changes for this recruiting class. There may be 1 or 2 surprises, but it's so late in the process. Of course, we'll see.

James (WA): UW has upped the ante on coaches' salaries. Is UW simply the first of a wave of raises to occur throughout the conference (outside of USC)? Or is UW simply committing more financially to football than other schools?

Ted Miller (3:07 PM): Washington, historically, has paid more for football. Recall how everyone reacted to Rick Neuheisel getting $1 million in 1999. But salaries are going to go up throughout the conference. The interesting thing is, failure is forcing up the prices. Programs that fired head or assistant coaches are bouncing salaries. Programs that are stable don't seem to be.

Brian (LA): best running back in the conference next season? McNeal?

Ted Miller (3:13 PM): maybe, but he's got to stay healthy. Some good ones coming back: John White at Utah, Isi Sofele at Cal, Stepfan Taylor at Stanford, Cameron Marshall at ASU, Kenjon Barner at Oregon, Johnathan Franklin at UCLA... and there are always young guys who emerge. But McNeal should benefit from all the weapons USC has on offense. Can't gang up on running game.

duck (a pond): Darron Thomas to NFL???

Ted Miller (3:15 PM): odd decision in my view... it will be interesting to see if he gets drafted. I wish him luck. It's a hit for the Ducks, but Bryan Bennett looked pretty good when he came of the bench and the offense has plenty of playmakers.

Colt (SLC): Do the Utes get their first ever Top 25 Recruiting Class this year?

Ted Miller (3:16 PM): I don't think it will get to top-25, but it likely will be one of the better classes Utah has signed.

beachDuck (SD): which team is the biggest surprise in the Pac-12 this year? Which new coach performs the best?

Ted Miller (3:26 PM):Utah, if it gets a healthy Jordan Wynn back, looks strong in the South. And I think Cal has a nice shot of finishing second in the North.

Geezer (Anchorage): The week 4 starter at QB for Stanford will be Mr. ______?

Ted Miller (3:27 PM):Brett Nottingham.

Joey Buttafuoco (NY): yo Teddy, what are the three most intriguing PAC 12 games this season?

Ted Miller (3:33 PM):Oregon at USC; USC at Utah; Oregon at Cal. And I'll throw Washington at LSU and Notre Dame at USC.

Miller Time (Pasadena):Any chance that Mora would go with a young/new QB (Hundley) with a new offense over the Seniors Prince and Brehaut??

Ted Miller (3:36 PM): absolutely... that completion figures to be wide-open, with Mora eyeballing the future. I think Prince/Brehaut have to be decisively better to win the job. That, by the way, could happen.

McCartney (Colorado):Will the bleeding in Boulder stop this year. Is a return to relevance near?

Ted Miller (3:37 PM):I think 2012 will be another tough one, in large part because the offense is rebuilding with a new QB. But the young guys playing this year and next will be the foundation for a step forward in 2013.

Capn Morgan (Pullman, WA):With the fanfare of Mike Leach and all the new things he's bringing to Pullman, what should be a reasonable expectation for WSU fans? I get the feeling going to the Macaroni Bowl isn't going to cut it this year.

Ted Miller (3:53 PM):I think Coug fans, after this horrible downturn, should be pleased with any bowl. I see 6-6 or 7-5 as reasonable. As good as Leach is, he's breaking in new schemes with new players. I'd be surprised if he suddenly produces a 9-win team.

Lou (San Jose): Ted, to follow-up on earlier question, do you think UW's hiring of Kiesau specifically was driven more by filling their own need, or hurting an opponent

Ted Miller (4:02 PM):It would be pretty silly to hire a receivers coach and name him offensive coordinator just to hurt his former team. After Tedford hires another guy, you're left with an offensive coordinator. Sark needed a guy to help with the passing offense who was OK with not calling plays. Kiesau is highly respected. It seems like a good hire, whether it hit Cal hard or not.