Pac-12 chat wrap

Did you miss my Thursday chat?


Well, if you want to relive it in its entirety -- or experience it for the first time -- go here.

Otherwise, here are some highlights.

JSN (SLC): Drum roll . . . The new OC at Utah is Brian Johnson. What do you think?

Ted Miller (3:02 PM): He has a short track record so it's hard to say. It's risky to hire someone so young and inexperienced. BUT.. if you trust coach Kyle Whittingham, who has a very strong track record, then you should have faith that he made a forward-looking hire.

Keith H (Seattle): Ted, I find Recruiting Day to be lots of hoopla about very little. For the most part, these kids will be redshirted and we won't see the majority for two years. How about you?

Ted Miller (3:10 PM): I'm not one of those guys who question fan enthusiasm for recruiting. For one, it lays the ground work for a team. Second, it's the first contact fans have with players they will one day cheer for. Third, I don't begrudge fans anything that gets them to read the Pac-12 blog.

Zolty (NY): Mike Reilly is a great guy but is OSU really satisfied to field mediocre teams year after year?

Ted Miller (3:18 PM): Well, Oregon State won 36 games from 2006-2009. Not too shabby. How many times has that happened in program history? That said: the recent downturn is notable. Riley needs the Beavers to get to a bowl game in 2012 or he will feel some legit heat.

alpha1906 (Inglewood):We've got a shiny new stadium. A dynamite athletic center. A bunch of quality coming back on offense and defense. Yet I feel like Cal isn't anywhere close to winning the Pac 12. Where do we go wrong? What prevents us from being a USC or Oregon?

Ted Miller (3:25 PM): If Cal ranks in the top-three in the Pac-12 in passing efficiency in 2012, it would have a good shot at winning 10 or more games. Love the possibilities on defense with the young guys next fall.

Adam (Boulder): So CU returns very little experience at QB, with only Nick Hirschman having taken any snaps last year (and he was shaky in is only start vs. ASU). I keep hearing a lot of hype around town that Connor Wood is the real deal. Why wasn't he in the QB competition at UT before he transferred, and is he deserving of the hype I keep hearing?

Ted Miller (3:29 PM): I too have heard the scuttlebutt on Wood from a buddy of mine who went to CU. Obviously, if he signed with Texas you'd assume he has natural talent. Considering how poor Qb play at Texas has been of late, you'd have to wonder why he wasn't in the mix. There are many reasons a player opts to transfer, and not just because he was beaten out. But until we see him under fire in a game -- or really in a QB competition where he's under pressure -- we won't really be able to measure him, other than in whisper power.

Cornelius Suttree (Nashville, TN): What did you think of the Tosh presser...this stood out as quite a contradiction.Lupoi: a??Obviously, I hadn't spoken a word about it to recruits (while) representing a different place." Shaq Thompson: a??He [Lupoi] came in for a home visit last night and told me he was thinking about taking the UW job and wasna??t sure what he was going to do....

Ted Miller (3:37 PM): You play the Cormac McCarthy card to get me to pick your question, don't you? I thought it was an awkward presser. I was disappointed I wasn't allowed to speak with Tosh one-on-one, so I could present you a clearer picture of things. As it was, it was hard to figure out what Tosh was trying to say. It's fairly obvious that the transition was far from smooth, but all parties seem intent on moving on. I talked to Tedford and he's clearly taking the high road, no matter how legit his gripes are.

Ben (Newport Beach, CA):People talk about how Stanford will replace Luck, but isn't losing 3 out 4 starters in the secondary the more pressing issue?

Ted Miller (3:41 PM): Well, Luck was the best QB in college football, so that's hard to replace. But, yes, a rebuilt secondary should make any Pac-12 fanbase nervous. USC and Matt Barkley come to town for week 3, too. There is some young talent there, but Delano Howell and Michael Thomas were 2 impact guys who were good leaders, too.

Johnholioo the Great (somewhere in Latin America): If I go to USC for grad school and decide to be a walk on for the USC football team, how can I inspire the Trojans to stay focused and not lose any games to any team, especially highly under favored teams?

Ted Miller (3:47 PM): Not easy to do. That's part of Chip Kelly's whole approach of treating every game like a Super Bowl and not allowing that any game is more important than another. Ultimately though it comes from within the locker room: Good leaders who make sure everyone understands how to prepare every week. You'd think guys like Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and T.J. McDonald, etc., would be pretty focused on that.

Ryan (Chicago):Considering the quality of his first recruiting class, how many wins does Mora need to tally in order to keep Bruins fans from grumbling?

Ted Miller (3:54 PM): That's hard to say. Bruins fans grumble a lot. I think a baseline is getting back to a bowl game, so 6-6, 7-5 to me feels like a successful first year. But I just talked to Mora today and he sounds like a guy who expects to win immediately. Dude's got some fire. That strikes me as a good thing for a quick turnaround.

A-Flo (Tucson): Do you think Rich Rod's first season could be his best season over the next 3-4 years? This due to Scott being a senior;good on his feet, plenty of DB's for the 3-3-5, solid O-line, and 8 home games?

Ted Miller (4:01 PM): Maybe... He's got to recruit to his system. You saw how his recruits looked in year four at Michigan, winning the Sugar Bowl. If you read his book, Rodriguez says over and over that it takes time for his concepts to build a foundation. It's not a 2-year turnaround.