Pac-12 Valentines Day: North Division

Happy Valentines Day.

Many of you over the past few days professed your love for your team to the Pac-12 blog. We did the Pac-12 South Division earlier. Here are Valentines for the North Division.


Tylurker from Land of Oaks, Calif., writes: Why love the ursines? Because misery loves company. A couple of things: Memorial Stadium. Strawberry Canyon. Tightwad Hill. Card stunts (who still does card stunts?). Roll on you bears. Oski. Those are all grand but mostly, it's the misery.

Cre8tivguy from San Francisco writes: To My Golden Bears on Valentine's Day: College football seems to change faster and faster. Like a slave we accept it, like obeying a master. But all is not lost, deep in the Berkeley lair. For it is the home to my lovely Golden Bear. Our players and fans are intense like Radium. We'll defeat every foe that steps foot in our new stadium. Our family was breached when the enemy stole Tosh. To those I pronounce, we will firmly squash! I cannot express my hate for those dogs, But I'll do my best on the Pac-12 blogs. Already looking forward to the start of Spring ball. And I'll never again call Isi too small. For his heart is as big as the Cal family that cares, To all the world I shout: GOOOOO BEARS!


Preeti from Eugene, Ore., writes: I've been a Ducks fan since I first start watching football. I learned all the rules, the traditions and the superstitions that surround football, from watching them. There is nothing like stepping stepping onto campus during football season. Sitting in class and spending the first 10 minutes talking about the football game. Or standing in line at the duck store, buying another shirt/scarf/something because you can't ever have enough & getting into a conversation about going to the game. Then there's Autzen stadium when speaks for itself. Whether you "sit" in the student section or anywhere else, it doesn't really matter because there's not a lot of sitting going on anyways. Hearing the screaming of thousands of people that's literally been louder than a plane

Scappoozer from Scappoose, Ore., writes: All I want out of College Football is to be entertained. That is why I Love Oregon. They entertain us all so well. Maybe you'll see a 2 pt. conversion or a fake punt, maybe Champion-Chip will go for it on 4th down or the Offense will light up the scoreboard for another 50 points and just maybe we'll have another run at the National Champion-Chip. What ever it is, what more could any College Football fan ever want? Happy Valentines Day to my Oregon Ducks!

SJB from Portland writes: I love the Ducks because they (and Uncle Phil) successfully occupy a space that is usually overwhelmed by irony - the institutional iconoclast. What other school would hire, much less embrace, as head coach a man who is equal parts Bobby Bowden and Dennis Franz?

Angie from Portland writes: Roses are red Violets are blue...I love my Ducks and here's why you should too.Fast and hard is how we play..We never stop until we win the day.With Chip at the helm it's never the same..4th downs turn into TDs almost every game.Our tradition is change and innovation..Once ridiculed but now subject to imitation 3-time Champs that sit atop the Pac. I'm so proud to be a Duck- QUAAAACKKK!

Oregon State

John from Oakland writes: Being a college football fan is largely irrational. You are either born a fan of a school, or you attend a school for four years and pledge your undying love for the rest of your life. When a program is doing things the wrong way the majority of the fan base turns a blind eye. I love my Beavers because Mike Riley has established a football program based on all of the right things. He cares first and foremost about his players as student-athletes. He doesn't say bad things about other programs when he recruits. He doesn't use sketchy street-agents to steer recruits toward his school (sorry, couldn't resist). Sure, I would love to see a year in and year out 10 win team, but I take pride in the fact that we Beavs are doing things the right way.


Steve from Berkeley, Calif., writes: Valentine for Stanford Football:I have loved Stanford football since the Elway era, when they may not have won a lot, but they could put a scare into anyone. They were about as dull and hopeless as could be in 2006, but they've had almost nothing but one good thing after the next since then. They have the toughness of the best of Denny Green's teams (remember John Lynch?), and Luck was as close to perfect a QB as you'll find. It is a new era, and Stanford has finally dedicated itself to football. It is a great time to be a fan, and who knows what can happen next? Also, I don't have to resent other teams like fans of a certain local school with blue and gold (no coincidence they mix to make green) colors.


Jason from Seattle writes: Dear Huskies,Four years ago, our relationship wasn't going so well. You were distant. You went through the motions, and I admit, so did I. Let's face it, the 2008 Huskies was like coming home to your girlfriend on the couch, eating beef jerky and trail mix, while wearing a snuggie.But we made a change, we traded a Ty for a Sark. We got your nails done and your hair did. Now you are a star-in-the-making. Soon the days of celebration penalties and 500-yard+ defensive performances will be behind us.Keith Price went toe-to-toe with Heisman winner RG3 and emerged KP1. The future is bright, our defense will improve, recruiting will flourish.So thank you, Washington Huskies. I love you. Be mine.

Washington State

CougGal94 from Walla Walla, Wash., writes: The WSU Cougs are red (hot)The Huskies are BlueWe have Mike LeachDawgs, it stinks to be you!

Cougarbrian from Portland writes: I'd love to give my valentine to Bill Moos, or as I have now dubbed him, St. Bill. He instantly took the WSU football program from the outhouse to the penthouse with the masterstroke recruiting and hiring of Mike Leach, and all of Cougar Nation is forever indebted to St. Bill.

Jim from Idaho Falls, Idaho writes: To my beloved Wazzu:Although you may not be the prettiest girl at the ball (USC, Oregon) I have never been ashamed once to take you out on the town. Although you may not be the brightest bulb in the box (Cal, Stanford) you have taught me that life is worth living.Although your house might not be the warmest (Arizona, ASU, UCLA) it still is prettier than the rest, and I don?t have to worry about getting sunburned.Although you have a lot in common with your partner is crime (Oregon State) I'd rather play with you any day of the week.One thing is for sure: you are consistent, and for that I thank you. By the way, crimson and grey look pretty good on you. Who in their right mind would ever want to wear purple, anyway?Go Cougs!