Which teams are looking for specialists?

This you can be certain of: At least a couple of times in 2012, a kicker will win a game for his team. And, a couple other times, a kicker will lose it.

And a punter will play a key role the same way, though probably with less attention.

It's always good to have experienced specialists, though the truth is past performance is no guarantee of what will happen in the future. We've had plenty of kickers and punters in the Pac-12 in recent years do great one season and then flop the next. And vice versa.

So who is looking for new specialists this spring? Here's a quick rundown.


Kicker: Sr. John Bonano (8-of-12, long of 47 yards)

Punter: Sr. Kyle Dugandzic (46 yards per punt, first in Pac-12)

Arizona State

Kicker: So. Alex Garoutte (15-of-22, long 49)

Punter: Sr. Josh Hubner (41.3 yards per punt, ninth in Pac-12; but killed 24 inside 20-yard line, which was second in the conference)


Kicker: No

Punter: No


Kicker: Will Oliver (11-of-16,long of 52)

Punter: Darragh O'Neill (42.6 yards per punt, eighth in Pac-12)


Kicker: Sr. Rob Beard (2-for-2, long of 30 yards) or Jr. Alejandro Maldonado (7-of-12, long of 40 yards)

Punter: Jackson Rice (45.8 yards per punt, second-team All-Pac-12)

Oregon State

Kicker: So. Trevor Romaine (15-of-22, long of 46 yards)

Punter: No


Kicker: So. Jordan Williamson (13-of-19, long of 45)

Punter: No


Kicker: No.

Punter: Sr. Jeff Locke (44.3 yards per punt, killed 26 inside 20-yard line, tops in conference)


Kicker: So. Andre Heidari (15-of-17, long of 50, first-team All-Pac-12)

Punter: Sr. Kyle Negrete (40.1 yards per punt, 11th in Pac-12)


Kicker: Sr. Coleman Petersen (18-of-25, long of 48)

Punter: Sr Sean Sellwood (45 yards per punt)


Kicker: No

Punter: No

Washington State

Kicker: Jr. Andrew Furney (14-of-16, long of 51)

Punter: No