Most hated coach in the Pac-12?

The Pac-12 blog only has love for all. Our most pesky trolls in the comment section? They fill our hearts with joy, their barbs blossoming into tulips, their hate serving as a form of flowering respect. And increased traffic.

But you guys are haters. The good news is that makes you more likable, at least here.

Moreover, this is a good week to be a hater because our theme is Coaches We Love to Hate.

So whom do you hate the most? Which Pac-12 coach makes your blood boil?

Also, there are two lines here: 1. Which current coach do you hate the most? 2. And which Pac-12 coach inspires your greatest all-time hate?

Send your ideas on either here. We'll work up your thoughts for a Friday post.

Then maybe we can get together for some cocktails and rib eyes and cast aspersions at each other.