Podcast: USC's national title chances

Are you a USC fan looking to kill seven minutes before leaving work? Are you a non-USC fan looking for seven minutes to kill before leaving work? Pop in the ear buds and hear ESPN football Analyst Ed Cunningham talking Trojans with Scott Van Pelt.

Cunningham talks about the Trojans recovering from sanctions, Matt Barkley's return and the fact that people need to start cutting Lane Kiffin some slack.

Said Cunningham:

I think it's high-time for people to kind of let his past go. Let what happened in Tennessee and how he ran his mouth and everyone who hates him down in Knoxville and all around the SEC -- let all of that go and start to realize this is a bright young coach. And he's positioned this team to not only win the Pac-12, but if they can get out with just one loss, to potentially be in the BCS national championship game this year.

OK, so it's not all on USC. There's also some interesting talk about Texas and Ohio State -- specifically which one is closer to returning to glory -- and the new SEC-Big 12 bowl game alliance.