Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my chat today, well then you're screwed because it was the last one for a while.

So you might want to save this link, where you can relive it several hundred times this summer.

But here is a Reader's Digest version.

Jack (Seattle) After the Huskies brutal starting schedule, with LSU, USC, UO, Stan (and Portland St & SDSU) - what is the upper limit of a realistic record? 3-3, 4-2?

Ted Miller (3:03 PM) I think most Husky fans would be satisfied with 3-3, which means beating either USC, Oregon or Stanford. I'd be surprised at 4-2. That would mean beating at least one top-five team.

Jason (Seattle) I'm an ASU fan living out of state in Seattle (who ASU doesn't play again this season), but still make it to at least 1 game a year. Which game should I go home for this year? Why?

Ted Miller (3:10 PM) It depends on what you want. Are you looking to see a good opponent, or better odds for a win? My advice would be to make sure it's a game after mid-October. That way the heat won't beat you down. If you went to Oregon on 10/18, you could see a Thursday night ESPN game then make it a long weekend.. golf? steaks? Mexican food?

Willie (Mexico) Give me an unknown WR that will break out this year.

Ted Miller (3:14 PM) Dres Anderson, Utah.

Jeff (Eugene) Oregon and USC each play Alabama, then LSU. Does either team win both games? Does either team lose both?

Ted Miller (3:17 PM) Alabama is a bit of a mystery. We suspect they will be very good -- improved on offense, still good on defense -- but the Tide lose a lot of guys (just check out the NFL draft). LSU is my No. 1 team and I'd pick the Tigers over anyone at this point. In that foursome, the Tigers are the only one I'd say would have a good shot at 2-0. I'd like Oregon and USC's chances against Bama. At least, as we sit here now.

Air Raid Nation (On a Cloud) How do you think the Air Raid will do in the Pac-12? It seems that Mike Leach will go against more inferior defenses that he dealt with while at Texas Tech. Do you see him and his Qb's breaking NCAA passing records again?

Ted Miller (3:21 PM) The defenses will be far better in the Pac-12, top to bottom. But I think Leach will have success with his offense because he's always had success with his offense. I don't think the numbers will be as epic against Pac-12 defenses, which are more talented and sophisticated than Big 12 defenses (at least after Texas and Oklahoma).

Kameron (SLC) I've seen what can happen to a team by losing their starting quarterback. Which Pac 12 team has the best backups?

Ted Miller (3:27 PM) In some cases, it's a case of there not seeming to be much drop-off after the starter: Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA and Oregon all have legit QB competitions going where there's not much distance between the QBs. You could probably throw Colorado in there too. And Washington State and Utah have backups with experience. There's probably not to much drop from starter to backup with Cal and Oregon State. I'd say the teams with the most worries there would be Arizona, USC and Washington.

Texas Hater (Boulder) I read an article the other day that had the scenario of Syracuse, Pitt, BC & ND to the Pac 12 to form Pac 16. Any thoughts on this? Seems like FSU move to Big 12 could start the dominoes all over again.

Ted Miller (3:31 PM) People are throwing a lot of scenarios into the air. I think there's probably some regret now from the Pac-12 for its not opening the door to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State when they came knocking. It would have made more geographic sense, and it would have forced a humbled Texas to come along. Having a group of East Coast teams doesn't feel right to me.

Ryan (Chicago) Which Pac-12 non-conference game(s) do you think will be the most entertaining in the upcoming season?

Ted Miller (3:39 PM) I'm curious how Washington holds up at LSU. Not a fun place to play and a great team. I think Cal's got a good shot at the upset at Ohio State. BYU plays Utah, Oregon State and Washington State. Will it win the series? Nebraska at UCLA could be interesting.

Tim (ATL) Is it correct the assume that if Cal and Stanford decided that they didn't have to play USC/UCLA every year that the Pac-12 would go back to an 8 team schedule? If so, once stanford adds a big-10 team to its 9 conference games plus Notre Dame, do you think they'll cave?

Ted Miller (3:47 PM) Cal and Stanford are stupid to designate a game every year with USC & UCLA, most particularly against the Trojans. It would be not unlike Washington going: Hey, let's play Texas every season! And, yes, if administrators at the California schools agreed to end their automatic games, it would be a big step toward an 8-game conference schedule. As it stands now, Stanford's schedule (and USC's) could end up being absurdly -- and self-destructively -- difficult when the Big Ten series begins.

Tylurker (Land of Oaks, Ca) Unfortunately, Jeff Tedford is on the hot seat at Cal. So what does it take to get JT off the proverbial hot seat? Is 7-5 (with a bowl LOSS) good enough? Or would the Bears have to win the bowl game too? What about 6-7, off with his head? I think the expectations are too high for this season (brutal schedule) It wasn't that long ago folks were sporting Ted-head tie-dies and I think JT is a good coach and mentor to the team. It seems like the old blues have a short memory - see Bruce Snyder: went 10-2 but couldn't win the big game...so they giv'em the axe the axe the axe...he goes to ASU and the Sundevils go to the Rose Bowl. Ouch!

Ted Miller (3:49 PM) I'm not sure what will be enough for Cal and Tedford. I'd say a winning record and bowl berth would be a minimum. And not all 7-5s are equal. If the Bears are competitive in five losses, that's something different than getting blown out 2-3 times, as has been the case in recent years. I'd feel fairly certain he's safe at 8-5 with a bowl victory and no blowout defeats

Jan Brewer (Phoenix, AZ) Ted - which team in our state of Arizona will fare better this season?

Ted Miller (3:53 PM) Tough one... they both seem like 5-7/6-6 teams. I've written before and I'll say it again, I wouldn't be shocked if the Territorial Cup doesn't determine who ends up with a better record. ASU doesn't play Stanford, but it has 2 quality nonconference foes vs. just one for Arizona. The Wildcats are better off at QB but worse off on defense. If I were forced into a corner, I'd go with Arizona, seeing that the Wildcats are at home against the Sun Devils in the season finale. But it's close.

Brandon (Denver) Is the Colorado job really still up for grabs, or is Embree just trying to give Hirschman a fair shake (because of his injury) before he gives it to Connor Wood?

Ted Miller (4:02 PM) I don't know if it's just Hirschman... I think some other guys might be in the mix, including the frosh, Shane Dillon. But, yes, I see Wood as the frontrunner.