Strongest position group: USC

Every team has a strength -- that one position group that can make a play on offense or make a big stop on defense when needed.

Based on what happened this spring, we're going to look at the strongest position group for each school. It could be on either side of the ball -- and it could be subject to change after fall camp goes into full swing.

We're going in reverse alphabetical order.


Strongest position group: Wide receivers

Headliner: Robert Woods (111 catches,1,292 yards, 15 touchdowns)

Supporting cast: Marqise Lee (73/1,143/11); Victor Blackwell (RS); De'Von Flournoy (0/0/0); George Farmer (4/42/0)

The skinny: Woods is the headliner for now. But when all is said and done by the end of this year, it might end up being Lee. Or it could still be Woods. Or Lee. That's the point. By themselves, they are two of the best wide receivers in the country. Together, they are by far the best receiver duo in the nation. And when you throw in a Heisman candidate quarterback in Matt Barkley, you have possibly the most explosive passing game in college football.

These two alone make USC's wide receivers the strongest position group. But when the highly-touted George Farmer is your No. 3, that ain't bad. Yes, USC's receiving corps might be a tad on the top heavy side with some limited experience backing it up. But Farmer was a Prep All-American who burns and Blackwell and Flournoy would likely be starters at most schools in the conference.

And though I consider tight end its own position position group, the fact that Randall Telfer and Xavier Grimble are out there opens things up even more for the Trojans receivers. It means more one-on-one coverage for at least one of the two A-listers in Woods and Lee. Wait until USC comes out in a double-tight formation -- with Woods, Lee, Telfer and Grimble all at the same time. Pump-and-go. Touchdown. Repeat as desired.

For what the overall depth of this position group lacks in experience, it makes up for with two of the most explosive players in the country.