Poll: Pac-12's biggest loss

We closed last week with one of the meatier offseason discussions we've had on the Pac-12 blog -- whether running back LaMichael James or quarterback Darron Thomas was a bigger loss for the Ducks.

While the folks at Athlon Sports, who prompted the original question, tend to lean toward the side of Thomas, many readers (and myself) think James will be the bigger loss.

But let's broaden the spectrum as we close another week and look at a few other of the marquee players who left us this past year.

We're going to keep James and Thomas on the list for a couple of reasons. 1) It sparked the original debate. 2) Ducks fans, who have been known to dominate Pac-12 polls regardless of the question, will actually be forced to split their vote based on the options. (And if you actually vote Andrew Luck, Duck fan, more power to you).

So which departed Pac-12 player is the biggest loss for his team?

You have James, an 1,800-yard rusher who is in the conversation for most explosive back to play in the conference in the last decade.

Thomas was a very dynamic athlete who was plugged in and was an instant winner. And traditionally quarterbacks are bigger losses than running backs.

Luck was Luck. One of the best college quarterbacks the conference has seen and a major catalyst for Stanford's tremendous rise over the last three seasons.

What about Washington running back Chris Polk? A true workhorse runner who had speed and power.

And if you're looking at importance, you certainly have to consider losing an immovable left tackle like Matt Kalil at USC.

Vote your conscious and have a great weekend.