Oregon's title shot?

Brock Huard breaks down Oregon's national title prospects and then Brian Fremeau projects possible outcomes for the Ducks in this ESPN Insider articleInsider.

Huard is high on the Ducks' defense and schedule. The chief concerns are depth and, well, USC.

The winner of Oregon's visit to USC on Nov. 3 will likely get to host the conference title game (the division winner with the better record will play at home), so a loss in the regular-season meeting is that much more damaging to the Ducks' title hopes. Beating a team that could be the preseason No. 1 one time will be hard enough, but twice could be too much to ask of any program.

Fremeau sees the range of likely outcomes between 12-0 and 10-2, which sets the bar pretty high.

Such an article is testimony to the heights the Ducks' program has climbed. Though Oregon is replacing its quarterback and all-time best player -- running back LaMichael James -- it remains an elite national title contender.