The maturation of USC's Nickell Robey

Good write-up on USC defensive back Nickell Robey by Garry Paskwietz from WeAreSC, talking about Robey's work ethic and how he's passing his knowledge on to younger players.

The Trojans defense gets a big boost with its entire back seven coming back. And if they want to get to where many feel they should be, Robey is going to be a major reason why.

Here's an excerpt from Paskwietz's story:

Long after the majority of his teammates had left the field Tuesday morning after a conditioning workout and throwing session, USC junior cornerback Nickell Robey was still out there going through drills with a handful of younger teammates.

Specifically, Robey was working with freshman walk-on cornerback Ryan Dillard on coverage techniques and body positioning. It's a time-honored tradition to show newcomers the "Trojan Way" of doing things. As a three-year starter and team leader, Robey readily accepts that responsibility.

"I know guys are looking at me now," Robey said. "They watch the way I do things and how I work, so I never back down. When it comes time to play a game, I'm going to need them by my side. That's the only way we're going to be successful.

"Shareece [Wright] taught it to me when I first got here and now I'm just passing it along. He taught me the ins and outs of the game, talked about the obstacles he had overcome to succeed and that's what I want to do with these younger players too."

The Trojans are certainly fortunate to have plenty of veteran players who set a good example and Robey does it as well as any of them. USC coach Lane Kiffin often tells a story about Robey -- as a freshman -- standing up in his first team meeting and talking about how he was going to do things the right way at USC.

You can read all of Paskwietz's story here.