Larry Scott talks with Van Pelt

Two very interesting takes on the playoff argument on The Scott Van Pelt Show today.

First, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott joined Van Pelt for a few minutes to talk about what a four-team playoff would look like.

You can listen to the entire segment here.

Here's a preview of what Scott had to say:

Historically, our conference has been very resistant to any change that might diminish the importance of bowls, adding a 15th game, things of that nature. I think there was some significant movement by the Pac-12 and the Big Ten to be open to a playoff and an important condition for us was that the Rose Bowl would be included in the mix.

So that in years we don't have teams in the playoff, we've got the traditional Pac-12-Big Ten Rose Bowl game. In years we are in the playoff, the Rose Bowl will be part of the mix hosting semifinal games. So that was important criteria.

Andy Staples from Sports Illustrated also talked with Van Pelt. You can check out the entire segment here. He had a different opinion on the Rose Bowl.

I do think those guys made a mistake. I think they made a tactical error by bringing sentimentality into a business negotiation. Yes, it would be great if the Rose Bowl stayed relevant. But you know what, the world has changed. They could have gotten something, which is, semifinals at campus sites that would have actually helped their football programs. I think if they would have said we're not budging unless you do this, everybody else would have done that. They would have been OK with that. But they didn't fight for that so they got steamrolled.