We're on the air with Brandon Magee

Arizona State linebacker Brandon Magee is a talker. He's confident, with just a hint of cocky swagger, and he feels like he can chat up anybody on any number of sports topics.

And now he'll have a forum, if only for four hours.

Next Friday from 2 to 6 p.m., Magee will be a guest co-host on 620 AM in Phoenix. It's not every day that a college athlete gets the chance to sit in the chair and fire off sports opinions. But Magee, who one day hopes to have a career in sports media after his playing days are done (either football or baseball, he was drafted in the 23rd round by Boston), said he's ready to handle his four hours on the air.

"I think it's going to be fun to try something new and step out of my comfort zone a little bit," said Magee, who is coming back after missing last year with a torn Achilles. "I have a lot of opinions so it's going to be fun to share those with everyone listening."

OK, let's try it out.

What are your thoughts on the new playoff system?

I think it's a great opportunity to try something new. There are a lot of complaints with the computer rankings and the people rating the teams. You might as well try something new for a few years and see how it works. If it doesn't work we'll come up with a new plan. So many people have been ready to see a playoff system and I think it will be a nice attraction for the fans out there to see a playoff with the top teams. It will bring a lot of excitement to the college game.

You're a baseball guy. The Diamondbacks are stuck under .500. What do those guys need to do to turn it around?

Honestly, I watch them pretty often. I believe they know what they are doing. They have some good players but they are a young team. But I think if they can pull it together they could make a run and be a tough team in the playoffs.

The Coyotes make it all the way to the Western Conference finals and then get smoked four games to one. Do you see them getting over the hump next year?

I do. When you get that close, it's going to eat at you all in the offseason and they are going to work even harder. I'd look for them to get there next season.

When a player goes on the radio, there have to be some questions that are off limits, right?

Nope. I'll answer anything.

OK. Who's going to win the ASU quarterback competition?

I think it's a three-way tie. Haha. Seriously. I don't know. Berco [Mike Bercovici] has more experience than the other quarterbacks. He had a good spring and a good camp. [Michael] Eubank, not a ton of experience, but he can use his legs and he's got the arm strength. He's got a big body. He's a load. Taylor Kelly can run and throw and manage the offense. He's good in every category. He's my sleeper quarterback.

But more than getting on the air, Magee is looking forward to getting back on the field. After missing all of last season with the Achilles tear, he watched in frustration as the Sun Devils started hot and then collapsed in the second half of the season.

"Watching that gave me a lot of fire for this year," Magee said. "It made me want to be a better leader for this team on and off the field. So I've been trying to sharpen my skills so when I come back, I can make sure that doesn't happen again."

Magee got a little work in spring ball, but mostly during seven-on-seven without any pads. He's set up camp in the film room learning ASU's new defensive scheme -- which he thinks is going to fit him just fine.

"It's been a long process coming back," he said. "But everything feels great. I just have to get my explosiveness back and I'll be ready for camp."