No hot tub film room for Chip Kelly

Here's an image: Chip Kelly and several of his assistant coaches breaking down film. In a hot tub.

If only it were true.

The Eugene Register-Guard reported this on Tuesday about Oregon's new $68 million football operations facility that is due to open in 2013:

Football coaches will have a private hot tub and steam room, each with a waterproofed video center, next to their locker room, so they can watch games while taking a soak.

Awesome! First, there was James Brown's celebrity hot tub. Then there was the Hot Tub Time Machine! Now Kelly had an entry: Hot Tub Film Study, coaches breaking down game film, winning the day and living the life, courtesy of Sugar Daddy Phil Knight.


"ERRONEOUS " wrote sports information director Dave Williford. "In fact there is not so much as a bathroom in, or next to, Chip’s office."

So while this tempest roiled in a teapot -- this appears to be some sort of controversy; here's the Register-Guard's correction -- the Pac-12 blog became distracted by the idea of Kelly, after a pot of coffee and a couple of bottled waters inside him, furiously dashing from film study in his fancy new office, desperate to find a pot in which to make water.

"Look there goes Chip," an observer might remark. "Dashing for his no-huddle micturation."

There seems to be some debate as to whether there was a hot tub in the original architectural plans. The newspaper believes so. Oregon says not. This feels very Watergate-y doesn't it?

[Editor's note: And it appears there is a final chapter to this. There will be a hot tub next to the coaches locker room, just not next to Kelly's office].

Some things are not in dispute:

The complex will offer an array of stunning facilities: two movie theaters; an advanced video editing and distribution center; a players hall; a Duck football museum; defense and offense conference rooms; and a war room set up like the one at the White House, with a long conference table, 17 executive seats and a buffet, perhaps, for long strategy sessions, according to blueprints submitted to the city. On the top floor will be a 2,285-square-foot players lounge and deck, the blueprints show. On a lower floor will be an industrial-sized kitchen, 150-seat dining hall and a 50-seat private dining room.

Know what would be really cool? If Kelly brings some bulls back from his trip to Spain and has them run security in the hallways of his new headquarters. Every time a reporter arrives hoping for a word from Kelly, he's handed a red cape and flamenco music is piped into the hallways.