On stage ... Washington

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- Some notes from Washington coach Steve Sarkisian, quarterback Keith Price and cornerback Desmond Trufant.

  • Sarkisian notes that this is the first time he's brought two players to media day whom he recruited.

  • Sarkisian is projected to start four seniors.

  • Sarkisian: "We think we're on the brink of something special at the University of Washington."

  • Sarkisian: "Embracing opportunity to play at CenturyLink Stadium."

  • Sarkisian: "I think we'd be remiss to put all our eggs in one basket" for early season schedule, which includes LSU, Oregon, Stanford and USC.

  • Sarkisian on USC: "The defense is underrated."

  • Price on playing against Robert Griffin III: "Before the game, coach Sark said we were going to break records ... you show up or go home ... the offense showed up to play."

  • Sarkisian on former Cal assistant Tosh Lupoi recruiting for the Bears one day and then recruiting for the Huskies the next when hired at UW: "It's the business ... it was not the intent in making that hire to steal another school's recruits."

  • Sarkisian on offensive line: "I think we have enough depth at the position that we have some versatility there ... obviously that is one of our question marks."

  • Sarkisian on injured defensive end Hau'oli Jamora, who's coming back from a knee injury: "Jamora looks great."

  • Sarkisian said the defense will be a hybrid 3-4 and 4-3, with the defense being flexible based on the game.

  • Sarkisian: "We're progressing incrementally ... the challenge for us now is to put it all together."

  • Sarkisian said incoming freshman safety Shaq Thompson could see some action on offense, too.

  • Sarkisian on how much Huskies can improve on defense: "I think it can be dramatic ... I don't think this will be a long and drawn out process. This thing can get turned around and turned around quickly."