Some kudos for Todd Graham

Regardless of what you think of Arizona State head coach Todd Graham and the reputation he brought with him from Pittsburgh, you have to admire the man for this heartwarming gesture.

Here is a letter that appeared in The Arizona Republic about a selfless act from Graham.

I wanted to inform both The Republic and everyone in Arizona about a recent interaction I was fortunate enough to have with Arizona State University football coach Todd Graham.

A very good friend of mine, Garrett Gorzalski, was in Hospice of Arizona with a terminal illness. We contacted the ASU Athletic Department to see if there was something we could do as a tribute to him to lift his spirits in the final days.

Much to our surprise, we were immediately contacted by Coach Graham, who asked if he could come out and see Garrett personally. Despite being in LA for Pac-12 media day, he promised to come and see him as soon as he got back.

Not only did Coach come to visit, he actually led us all in a prayer for my friend as well and promised to send the game ball to us should they beat Missouri. Most people would have just responded via email.

This was a very special moment as it turned out to be one of the last we spent with Garrett. Coach Graham’s only response when questioned as to why he would show was, “That’s what we do.” He did when most don’t. Thank you.

Patrick Lewis, Tempe

Hats off to Graham for remembering that his job isn't just to be a football coach, but also an ambassador to his school and profession. Without having yet coached a game for the Sun Devils he's already a home-run hire -- at least in the eyes of these people.