Pac-12 suspends WSU safety for half

The Pac-12 suspended Washington State junior strong safety Deone Bucannon for the first half of the Cougars visit to UNLV on Friday for "his hit to the head of a defenseless opponent during its game with Eastern Washington," according to a news release.

If you saw the hit, you know Bucannon is lucky. It was a pretty bad cheap shot.

From the release:

“While Mr. Bucannon was penalized on the field, I have deemed it necessary to add a half-game suspension,” said Scott. “This disciplinary action was part of our weekly review of all targeting and unnecessary roughness hits.”

“In order to appropriately protect our student-athletes, it is imperative that we monitor and when needed, act in situations where a blow to the head of a defenseless player was flagrant and/or unwarranted, especially in situations where the hit occurred well after the play was over” added Scott.

When there is a foul called for initiating contact on the head/neck area of a defenseless opponent that does not result in a player disqualification, NCAA Football Rules specifically call for a video review by the Conference office for possible additional sanctions before the next scheduled game.

Junior Anthony Carpenter is listed as Bucannon's backup, though senior Tyree Toomer, the backup free safety also is a possibility.