Pac-12 chat wrap

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Wilber T Wildcat (Tucson): Tall order for my fellow Cats in Autzen. You see any way we can Bear Down and bring back a W?

Kevin Gemmell (2:01 PM): Tall order indeed. The best way, create turnovers and score touchdowns. Field goals aren't going to do it. Arizona has shown the ability to move the ball, but not always end a drive with a TD. Finding the end zone will be the only way to keep up.

Nick S. (EUGENE): Kevin, can you tell us what Duck fans should expect from Zonas Matt Scott? all I've heard are rave reviews but I haven't seen much film on him up here in the 5-4-1

Kevin Gemmell (2:04 PM): Very good arm, very athletic. Moves in and out of the pocket really well. I've been impressed with his decision-making so far. It's tough to learn a new system and make all of the reads so quickly. But he's done a good job. I think he'll keep Arizona competitive in this game.

Steve Chao (Rolling Hills Estates, CA): Is Stanford's defense really that good?

Kevin Gemmell (2:05 PM): The issue with Stanford's defense was the secondary. And they played fantastic Saturday night. Jordan Richards and Ed Reynolds were hitting hard and jarring balls loose. You combine that with a really, really good front seven and you have possibly the top defense in the conference. So yes, they are that good.

Kyle Whittingham [via mobile]: Is my seat forever on ice at Utah? It could never warn up....right?

Kevin Gemmell (2:06 PM): Right now, your cheeks are a couple of Klondike Bars. But I won't ever say never. A couple of one- or two-win seasons and things could get ugly. But I don't see that happening. As Utah gets more resources from being in the Pac-12, they'll stay competitive for a long time.

Truth (Tempe): Do you think ASU is still being overrated? This will be their 4th straight backup QB they are facing and they are not locks to win. Mizzou's QB did not look good behind that rag tag fill in for injuries line

Kevin Gemmell (2:15 PM): I don't think they are overrated. I think they are probably where most expected them to be at this point. They've won the games they were supposed to win. Almost won a game they weren't. I'd say they are progressing nicely.

Chase (SLC): What should Utah be most concerned about facing ASU this weekend?

Kevin Gemmell (2:29 PM): ASU's defensive front is playing very well right now. With the question marks on the offensive line and the health of John White, I'd say running the football is Utah's biggest concern.

Y (Campbell, CA): If the winner of the conference championship game goes to the NCG, does the Rose Bowl have to pick the loser of that game?

Kevin Gemmell (2:34 PM): No. It's my understanding that the Rose Bowl picks the best team possible. So, say Stanford is 11-1 and USC loses to Oregon twice, giving them at least three losses, the Rose Bowl would be thrilled to take a one-loss Stanford squad.

Sandover (Texas): Is Colorado the 13th (after 2008 winless UW) or 14th (after 2008 winless UW and 2008 WSU) best team in the Pac-12?

Kevin Gemmell (2:37 PM): Ha. Tough times at Colorado. But I talked with some guys from the program earlier this week and you have admire the way they keep grinding. No one on that team has quit (at least publicly). I actually asked [coach Jon] Embree how he keeps a positive attitude and he said that the players will react to how he does, so he's doing his best to strike that balance between frustration while still being a teacher.

Paul (Albany, OR): UCLA looked better defensively against Houston, but really Houston is not strong offensively this year. Do you think the Beavers will be able to move the ball like Nebraska and Rice did against them? Thank you

Kevin Gemmell (2:45 PM): I think OSU will have a good game plan because of the extra time to prepare. But I can't say enough about the emergence of Datone Jones. He's not-so-quietly making a run at defensive MVP through the first quarter of the season. That said, OSU has a lot of offensive weapons so I'd expect them to pick up some healthy yards.

Jared (Salt City Central): With Coach Whitt now not talking about injured unless they are season ending injuries. How do you feel that this comes off to the fans? In other words, they said last week the RB (White) was 100% and going to play, then comes game time and he is sidelined. Does this create a divide with loyalty to the fans and a bigger issue with trust? Thoughts? Thanks.

Kevin Gemmell (2:50 PM): The whole injury debate is an interesting one. I think fans want to know what is going on with their teams and reporters are the conduits for that. At the same time I see the argument that these are amateur athletes. I don't know where I come down on it. The coaches were all asked on the Pac-12 teleconference yesterday and it was split down the middle. It's a tough debate.