Shayne Skov delivers pregame fire

Not sure if I want to pull the "You have to have played football" to get this, but let's just say I fired off this link to a few friends from back home.

It's episode five of Stanford's "How We Do It," video series, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at Stanford's 21-14 upset win against USC. I wasn't going to watch it until I saw this description: "Inside the stadium locker room, the Cardinal were ignited by an impassioned speech from senior inside linebacker Shayne Skov, which he explains came a memorable play and role model on Stanford’s 2010 team, Owen Marecic."

Skov and Marecic: Now there are two "Football Players" with a capital F and P.

Says Skov: "There are going to be blows on both sides. It's going to happen. What makes this team special, what makes us different, is you get up and you smile."

There's then a video clip of Marecic, perhaps the most curiously cerebral tough guy I've ever interviewed, getting blasted by former Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict, losing his helmet in the process, and then grinning like it was the best time he's ever had.

Good stuff.