Poll: Mandatory injury report?

Injuries, and whether or not coaches should reveal the nature of their players' injuries, have been making a lot of noise in the Pac-12 this week.

Each Pac-12 coach was asked on the Tuesday conference call if they would support a standardized, NFL-style injury report. The responses were pretty split, ranging from resounding yays to combative nays and a couple of tepid in betweens.

Even your Pac-12 bloggers aren't in accord on this issue. While Ted Miller wholeheartedly supports the idea of a standardized injury report, I'm a little more hesitant -- which I talked about in the chat yesterday. By the way, about one-third of the chat questions sent my way were injury-based. And I don't think all of you are gamblers, so there is clearly an interest from fans.

My big issue is that coaches not talking about injuries now becomes the story. Take, for example, Lane Kiffin's brief meeting with the media yesterday. After being asked about an injured player returning, he dismissed himself before the second question was even asked.

I don't have a problem that Kiffin walked away because of an injury question. I have a problem that Kiffin walked away. Reporters are the best source of information for the fans, and there was probably some good questions germane to the USC-Cal matchup that were left unanswered. A simple "next question" would have sufficed and then we could have gotten to what we (hopefully) really care about, which is this weekend's game. Instead, the story is Kiffin being combative with the media instead of Cal's defensive line and USC's running game.

A standardized injury report would have eliminated this unfortunate scenario. Kiffin could have referred the reporter to the injury report and that would have been that. But at the same time -- as one coach said on the conference call -- it's nobody's business. And there is something to that. So I again remain on the fence.

Injuries are lose-lose however you slice it. It stinks for the coaches. It stinks for the media who have to ask the questions. It stinks for the fans -- and let's not forget that it stinks for the young man who is probably in a tremendous amount of pain because of said injury. Somehow their ACL tears, pectoral separations and high-ankle-mishaps seem to get lost among the debate.

So the question this week, do you think the Pac-12 should have a standardized injury report?