Pac-12 chat wrap

For those who participated in Wednesday's chat, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness. So you've got that going for you.

For those who didn't, you don't get to enjoy this Caddyshack reference. So stop enjoying it. You, sitting at your work computer with the Starbucks, stop enjoying it.

You can, however, read the highlights or catch the complete chat here.

Nick (Boston): Hi Kevin, I think that Stanford Washington game tomorrow night will be really interesting, I think if Price is able to make plays the Huskies can keep it close and have a chance to win the game in the 4th quarter your thoughts?

Kevin Gemmell (2:01 PM): The answer lies in the question. I think Price is going to be on the move quite a bit this week -- given the issues on the offensive line and the aggressive nature of the Stanford front seven. If they can keep contain, it will be a long day for Price. If he can make plays with his feet, he'll force Stanford to move up a safety to spy and adjust and that could keep them in the game.

Beavtastic (Corvegas): What will it take for the Beavs to be 8-0 coming into the Stanford game? I think if the improvements are made on offense, 8-0 is not unreasonable.

Kevin Gemmell (2:03 PM): At this point, I would agree that 8-0 is possible. I think the ASU game the week before could be a trap. If ASU keeps playing the way it does, there is the slight possibility OSU could be looking ahead. Also, keep in mind the Beavers have to play 11 straight weeks now. That could take a toll.

Ben (Clovis, CA): Do you think Jarek Lancaster is getting hosed by the Stanford coaches? The guy could be an all conference linebacker IMO

Kevin Gemmell (2:10 PM): I talked with someone on the staff about Lancaster. I was told they are yet to stop Vaughters in practice. I think Lancaster has the experience, but Vaughters seems to be the better talent. He just needs to get some experience under his belt. With that said, Lancaster is one of the gutsiest players in the conference and one of my all-time favorite interviews. Good, good dude.

Bryce (SF): What does DAT need to do to climb the Heisman rankings? All the talk seems to be about Geno Smith, who hasn't even played a good team yet!

Kevin Gemmell (2:15 PM): More touches, more touchdowns. But I don't call the plays and I'm not going argue with how Kelly and Co. call plays. The Heisman would be sweet. A national championship would be sweeter.

Kirk (Campbell, CA): First year QB's often drop a close game or two on the road, do you think Stanford can beat UW, Notre Dame and Cal away from home to possibly be undefeated by the time they play Oregon?

Kevin Gemmell (2:24 PM): A lot of first-year quarterbacks are asked to do a lot. With the running game support and the defense backing him, Nunes is in a position where he doesn't have to be stellar on a weekly basis. When you look at the USC game, he was OK and made two fantastic plays when he had to -- the scramble for the first down and the touchdown to Ertz. The fact that he pressure isn't on him to throw four touchdowns and 300+ yards every week is a good thing.

Jason (Vancouver, WA): Thoughts on Colt Lyerla being used in Oregon's backfield? He playing running back in high school and was 1st team all-state with 1,600 yards and 20+ tds as a senior. He is like a power DAT to me. I hope they start using him all over the field more.

Kevin Gemmell (2:39 PM): I love it. I love innovative offenses and keeping teams on their toes.

Kevin (OKC): What are your thoughts on the season that Will Sutton is having so far. He was an absolute beast vs Utah. If he keeps playing this way can he get All-American status? Surely at least All-Conference. He outplayed Utah's stud DT the other day.

Kevin Gemmell (2:44 PM): I wrote about Sutton last week before the Utah game and he didn't disappoint. He's playing as well as any defensive lineman in the country right now. Tough for Pac linemen to get the love though. He'll have to really have stellar numbers.

Walter Jr. (New Mexico): Which coach's autobiography would you want to read the most?

Kevin Gemmell (2:46 PM): Interesting question... This might seem like an obvious answer given my job last season -- but I would go with Shaw -- only because if I were a football coach, my philosophies would be in sync with his. I love the pro-style offense, I love the 3-4 defense. I love the grind-it-out approach to the game and he's got a really interesting history as a former player, the son of a coach and the fact that he gave up an NFL job to go with Harbaugh to a non-scholarship program at USD (where he and I first met).

Tyler (Portland, OR): With Matt Barkley's inability to get the passing game going for USC and with Oregon's stellar secondary coverage against Arizona on Saturday and the addition of Colt Lyerla to the running game, do you see the November 3rd meeting in LA going differently than you did at the beginning of the season?

Kevin Gemmell (3:00 PM): I have no problem saying I was wrong. I picked USC to win the title. Things change. And I think Oregon is the best team in the conference right now. That said, I still think that will be a great game, but as of right now I'm leaning toward Oregon.