Poll: Defensive MVP so far?

On Tuesday, we gave you the opportunity to sound off on which Pac-12 player was the offensive MVP halfway through the season.

Don't worry, we take care of the defensive guys around here, too. And there are no shortage of potential candidates -- especially on the defensive line, as you'll see below. Yes, there are four defensive linemen on this list. Consideration was given to Anthony Barr, Brandon Magee, Chase Thomas etc. But who would you take off this list to put another on?

By the way, as far as all-conference teams go, how sick is this defensive line as a four-man front?

So, through the first half of the season, who is the Pac-12 defensive MVP if the award were handed out today?

Morgan Breslin, DL, USC: He's stormed onto the scene the last few weeks and has six solo sacks and two assisted sacks, which is third in the league in average per game. He also has 11 solo tackles for a loss and is just one of three players to average at least two tackles for a loss per game. The first of four fiercely disruptive linemen.

Scott Crichton, DL, Oregon State: He's tied for the league lead in sacks with Will Sutton and leads the conference in average sacks per game. He's second in total number of tackles for a loss, but leads in average per game. The second of four fiercely disruptive linemen.

Star Lotulelei, DL, Utah: He doesn't have the numbers that some of his other brethren do, but as we all know, his job isn't necessarily to get sacks. No defensive lineman in the conference commands more respect than Lotulelei, who is almost a lock to be a top-10 draft choice. The third of four fiercely disruptive linemen.

Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State: He's playing as well as any cornerback in the country. His five interceptions leads the Pac-12 and he's averaging one per game. He also has a pick-six to add to his impressive resume.

Will Sutton, DL, Arizona State: His first-step speed has baffled bigger linemen and it's a huge reason why he's tied with Crichton for number of solo sacks (he has 8.5 total) and has a league-high 13 tackles for a loss. The fourth of four fiercely disruptive linemen.