Pac-12 makes move in conference rankings

The SEC remains No. 1, but the Pac-12 gained ground last week on the Big 12 in the ESPN Stats & Info conference power rankings.

The No. 3 Pac-12 gained 3.2 points on the No. 2 Big 12 and is now just 4.1 points out of second place. The Big 12 dropped by 0.6 points and the Pac-12 moved up 2.6.

And this happened despite Kansas State leaping Oregon in the BCS standings on Sunday.

From the story:

The Pac-12 has the advantage in the AP Poll with three teams ranked in the AP Top 10, which is one more than the Big 12. Both conferences have four teams ranked in the AP Top 25, but the Pac-12’s teams are ranked comparatively higher than the Big 12’s.

The Big 12 is favored by the computers with nine of its 10 teams ranked in the top 50 (out of 124) by the computers. In comparison, eight Pac-12 teams are ranked in the top 50.

Additionally, the Big 12 has a better non-conference record than the Pac-12. The Big 12 is 26-3 in games outside of the conference, which is the best record of any conference in FBS. The Pac-12 is 24-10 in games outside of its conference, but has played a more challenging schedule.

Thirteen of the Pac-12’s 34 non-conference opponents have been from a BCS AQ or Independent conference. In comparison, just six of the Big 12’s 29 non-conference opponents have been in these conferences.

The Pac-12, by the way, is 1-0 versus the Big 12 this year, with Arizona beating Oklahoma State. The conferences will next meet in the Alamo and Holiday Bowls.