Pac-12, Big 12 slip in power rankings

The SEC has taken its largest lead of the season in the ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings after the Pac-12 and Big 12 both lost ground over the weekend with ranked teams losing.

From the article:

In the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas Tech lost to higher-ranked opponents, resulting in every team but Kansas State having at least two losses this season. In comparison, five of the SEC’s 14 teams have fewer than two losses.

In recent weeks the top of the Big 12 has shown weaknesses as Texas nearly lost to two teams that are a combined 0-9 in conference games, and West Virginiashowed significant defensive weaknesses in its two losses.

Similarly, the top of the Pac-12 struggled this weekend with its second and third best teams entering the weekend losing on the road. As a result, USC and Oregon State dropped eight and six points in the AP Poll, respectively, with USC’s fall being the largest of any team.

The third-place Pac-12 did gain almost a point on the No. 2 Big 12 and presently is 3.2 points out of second place. The Pac-12 is 13.4 points behind the SEC.

The Pac-12 is nearly 40 points ahead of the fourth-place Big Ten.