Hot button: Mariota or Manziel?

There are several reasons you need to click on this link and read this week's hot button topic -- a debate between Edward Aschoff of the SEC blog and myself. The topic is whether you'd want to build a team around Marcus Mariota or Johnny Manziel.

Here's why you need to read it:

  1. It's interesting.

  2. It's Pac-12 vs. the SEC, which always seems to get the juices flowing.

  3. There is a poll ... and an Oregon player is actually losing a poll.

Here's a snippet from my side of things.

However, the folks I've talked to tend to think Mariota is a more complete quarterback at this point in both of their young but spectacular careers. And by complete, they mean Mariota is a little better at sitting in the pocket and waiting for his plays to develop. He'll hang in there longer and wait for his second and third reads to open up, and then if it's not there, he'll either make a play with his feet or dump it off.

Manziel tends to look at his first read and if it's not there, he's gone. And there's nothing wrong with that, because he's so freaking nimble and elusive, as evidenced by his 1,014 rushing yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. But if we're talking about building a team around a quarterback, I'll take the guy who is a little more poised in the pocket.

Click over and enjoy.