Get your Pac-12 title game tickets!

We know there will be a Pac-12 title game on Nov. 30. And we know UCLA will represent the South Division. As far as where the game will be played or who will represent the North, that has yet to be decided.

Nonetheless, the Pac-12 has announced today that tickets for the game have gone on sale to the public at the possible host schools.

All tickets can be purchased at www.pac-12.com/tickets.

From the Pac-12 office:

The Championship Game will be played on Friday, Nov. 30 at 5 p.m. PT at Oregon, Stanford, or UCLA with the final site determined by this Saturday’s games between Stanford-UCLA and Oregon-Oregon State.

The following scenarios will determine the host institution:

  • Stanford will host if it beats UCLA;

  • Oregon will host if it beats Oregon State AND UCLA beats Stanford;

  • UCLA will host if it beats Stanford AND Oregon State beats Oregon.

Fans are encouraged to purchase tickets this week. Ticket prices at each university start between $80-$85.