Pac-12 chat wrap

It's too bad you couldn't make the chat yesterday. There was cake. (For those who were there, just follow my lead). Yummy, yummy cake. You should come by next week. There will be more cake.

You can go here to see the complete chat or you can just mooch off of the brilliant questions of others.

Jeremy (Honolulu): Do you think Oregon's loss to Stanford helped or hurt the perception of the Pac-12 this year? I.E. Would it be better to have one Pac team in the NCG or two teams in BCS games? Please advise.

Kevin Gemmell (2:07 PM): I think Stanford doesn't care about the perception of anyone else in the conference. We care about it -- a lot -- but they don't. With that said, I think a national championship would have been nice. But two BCS games means more revenue for everyone in the league.

Zach Ertz (Palo Alto, CA): I just lost the Mackey Award to Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame. Below are our stats for the year. Can you explain to me any possible rationale for this snub? Zach Ertz: 66 catches, 837 yards, 6 TD. Tying/winning TD's against Oregon, USC and Oregon State.Tyler Eifert: 44 catches, 624 yards, 4 TD. No game winning catches.

Kevin Gemmell (2:10 PM): Undefeated team -- traditional power -- playing in the national championship. None of that SHOULD matter, but it does. And I'm thinking Ertz was a victim of that. Because on stats alone, it's not a question.

SDZald (San Diego): Kevin now that you guys have posted the Face Plants of the year, which game do you think was the worst Face Plant in the PAC this year, UCLA/CAL or Washington forgetting they had to play 4 qts against WSU?

Kevin Gemmell (2:11 PM): Boy, both were bad. UCLA really showed its youth and inexperience in that game ... but then again, Maynard was unreal in that game. Leaning toward the UW game as probably worse ... but not by much.

Jason (Vancouver, WA): 2 years in a row now the North has been MUCH better than the South in the PAC 12. Do you see this changing any time soon? Oregon and Stanford don't appear to be dropping off anytime in the near future.

Kevin Gemmell (2:15 PM): And Arizona, ASU and UCLA are on the rise. USC won't be down forever. I think the North is still the better division, but the South is closing the gap quickly. (And let's not forget Oregon State in the North, either).

FV (Enemy Territory (Eugene)): The Great Mr. Gemmell, As a Cal fan I am already on to next season and the North looks STACKED. Do you see the North surpassing the SEC West for top division (if that didn't happen this year)?

Kevin Gemmell (2:16 PM): The great FV! Glad you've moved on. If Washington can close the gap and Oregon State maintains -- maybe. But the nine-game schedule and the surging south teams make it tough. As Ted wrote last week, the conference has 7-5 disease.

californiamichael (La Verne): What players would add to the top 25 that were not in your original listing of the top 25 at the beginning of the year? One player you would delete from the list?

Kevin Gemmell (2:19 PM): Ted and I need to sit down and hammer out that list. Not going to be easy. I can tell you Anthony Barr, Will Sutton and Ka'Deem Carey will be on it. And I'm going to make a hard push for Reggie Dunn also. Don't see how you can leave him off. Players coming off... Jeff Tuel has to be up there. I really, really like him. Maybe my favorite player to talk to because he's so candid. But the season wasn't there.

Brian (San Diego): How do you see the 4 new coaches from this year, doing next year?

Kevin Gemmell (2:25 PM): I think we'll see a little more progress at Washington State. Probably not a bowl game, yet, but progress. The other three in the South have their programs trending up. I think all three will be in the hunt for the south title next year.

Ken (Corvegas): Which QB is the best fit against Texas, Vaz or Mannion?

Kevin Gemmell (2:27 PM): Only Mike Riley knows the answer to that one. Mannion has the better frame, but Vaz has shown plenty of poise in his starts. I'm going to offer some free coaching advice to Mike: Throw the ball to Wheaton and Cooks. I know, it's a little out of the box, but it will work. Both QBs know where their bread is buttered and it's the receivers. That's the big mismatch in this game.

Jimmy Galvan (Eagle Rock): We all know Jim Mora is an NFL guy, so how long before he heads back there?

Kevin Gemmell (2:36 PM): I've talked with Jim a lot about this and he really, really likes being a college coach. Honestly, I don't know if he moves back and if he does, it will be a while. He's at a point in his life right now where this was a perfect decision for him. And you can't argue with the results thus far. He has a chance to really build something special at UCLA and he recognizes that.

Chris (Baltimore): Do agree with Ted that Stanford should be #1 in the Power Rankings? I know they beat Oregon, but do you think they are ultimately the better team just because they managed to win the Pac?

Kevin Gemmell (2:44 PM): "Just because they managed to win the Pac." Managed? They beat Oregon at Oregon. They won the conference championship game. Not sure what other qualifications you need.