Pac-12 Christmas gifts: South Division

It's time to hand out Christmas gifts to each Pac-12 team.

For some, there's a whole lot of "Tis the season!" For others, there's some, "Bah, humbug!"

But the Pac-12 blog loves all its teams, from the George Baileys and Elfs to the Grinches and Bad Santas.

Further, as everyone knows that giving is better than receiving, we feel you should participate. Just send us a note on what you'd like to give your team here, and we will publish your thoughts on Christmas Eve.

Arizona: Operation, the board game: With all of the injuries the Wildcats have had to endure this year -- especially on the defensive side of the ball -- why not get a little bit of real-world experience and learn a little physiology along the way? Remember, it takes a steady hand. Stocking stuffers include extra defibrillators around campus for the recent wave of heart-stopping moments.

Arizona State: Draped in full Santa garb, Will Sutton holds a press conference and announces he'll return for another season. There is no greater gift. As a stocking stuffer, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell presents the team with good citizenship commendations for leading the league in fewest penalties.

Colorado: You already got a new head coach and an expanded football budget. Don't get greedy.

UCLA: A Christmas card from Anthony Barr to his teammates and coaches: "Guys, what an amazing year it's been. I've had so much fun realizing my true potential as a linebacker and the fact that I'm projected as a first-round draft pick is special. I've already hinted that I'm coming back, but I wanted to be the first to tell you officially that I'm returning for another year to sharpen my skills so I can be a top-five draft pick. We won't talk about unfinished business. That's for that other school that we beat last month. We're just going to take care of business. Can I get an Eight Clap!"

USC: Yes, this actually exists! The Men In Black neuralyzer. Well, we know it doesn't really exist. But they who wear the cardinal and gold probably wouldn't mind a nice little blackout of the last few months. Too bad this doesn't exist either. I guess we'll settle for a defensive coordinator that makes everyone happy (or is that too much to ask for?).

Utah: How about a new flat-screen to watch all of the other bowl games? Ouch -- too soon, Gemmell? I was down at the Poinsettia Bowl press conference this morning talking with Bronco Mendenhall about BYU's bowl game. Ouch, I did it again, sorry. Look, Utah is going to be fine. With a loyal fan base and a proud history, Utah fans have already been blessed with greatest gift of all: the gift of hope. And they'll be rewarded in the future as they continue to grow into the conference. Kyle Whittingham might like one of these for his office, though.