Rose Bowl predictions

The Pac-12 is 2-4 with two games -- BCS bowl games -- remaining this bowl season. My oh, my.

Both Ted & Kevin missed on the Sun Bowl with their USC pick. Ted fell to 68-28 this season. Kevin is 67-29. Both are whimpering home with their predictions, not unlike the conference they cover.

Kevin Gemmell: I think Wisconsin is a better team than the record indicates -- and the fact that the coordinators are sticking around despite already having other jobs will be a motivating factor for the Badgers to come out and play hard. That said, Wisconsin has nothing Stanford hasn’t seen already. The Cardinal have seen North-South, All-American running backs already and have gotten the job done. Wisconsin, however, hasn’t seen a defense like Stanford’s. The Cardinal will control the lines and therefore control the game. Stanford 28, Wisconsin 17.

Ted Miller: Is Stanford immune to the Pac-12's bowl malaise? Maybe.The Cardinal has won seven in a row since falling in overtime at No. 1 Notre Dame. The question is whether Wisconsin and Montee Ball can consistently run against one of the nation's top run defense. UCLA, which got bricked by Baylor, ran well against the Cardinal in the Pac-12 title game, so Stanford's run defense is not a sure thing. Still, Stanford is a well-coached team and the Badgers are dealing with a coaching change. Stanford 27, Wisconsin 24.