Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my Thursday chat, you can review it here.

Or you can simply read some highlights below.

I'd suggest doing both. Over and over again, until you commit it to memory.

advicious [via mobile] Do you think Oregons schedule next year will be enough to silence any controversy, finally, that oregon deserves recognition as an elite team?

Ted Miller (3:00 PM) Ummmm... you do realize that Oregon has played in four consecutive BCS bowls and finished ranked in the top-five three consecutive years, including No. 2 this year? Oregon has respect from everyone. There isn't a single smart person on the planet that doesn't respect Oregon football. If someone says they don't, they are either trash talking or stupid. Perhaps both.

Jon S (CT) With the success Taylor Kelly had this season do you see Graham using Michael Eubank differently next season as a Hybrid TE / WR next season to get his athleticism on the field more?

Ted Miller (3:06 PM) Maybe... I think Graham wants to keep Eubank involved. That would be one way. The question is whether Eubank will want to leave to become a starting QB.

Scott (Charleston, WV) What will Colorado need to do next season to make a move to the middle of the pack in the PAC?

Ted Miller (3:09 PM) Grow up and get lucky. Just don't see it happening in 2013. I think the Buff will be better, but winning more than 1 conference game and four games overall would be a huge step forward

John S (Las Vegas) I've looked at a few early top 25 rankings for next season, and ASU hasn't been on a single one. With almost everybody returning, including 1st team AA Will Sutton, I thought they'd be a top 20 team. Do you see them being a top 20 team next year?

Ted Miller (3:12 PM) Part of it is the perceived depth of the Pac-12. Whom do you leave off among: Oregon, Stanford, Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona State, USC and Washington. You guys already know I think the Huskies break through and that I think the Sun Devils are a slight favorite over UCLA in the South. As folks review what the Sun Devils have coming back, they'll start to get noticed

Chris (Eugene) While we all can agree that Oregon will be very good next year, to what extent do you think they can replace their losses among their front-7 (Jordan, Alonso, Clay, and Remington)? Won't that be an issue for them?

Ted Miller (3:18 PM) The LB losses are big. The D-line is fine with all those talented freshmen seeing quality action this year. i don't think you can replace Clay and Alonso. Aliotti will have to slow things down a bit at the position. But the quality up front and in the secondary will be very high. I don't see a step back for the D.

Lance London (Winter Park, FL) I think we can agree that the chances the Pac-12 nabs 2 BCS bowl bids for the 4th consecutive year in 2013 is pretty high. But what are the odds one of those BCS representatives is a team other than Oregon or Stanford? And which team, if any, comes to mind in that category?

Ted Miller (3:20 PM) Well, last year I told you guys there was no chance that USC lost the South Division, so even after doing this for 17 years, I'm still shocked by how wrong I can be. The odds are decent. Only one North team can advance to the title game, so an upset from the South will produce a Rose Bowl berth.

Mike Leach (Key West) I demand an apology from you, Mr. Miller, for your disparaging "commentary" on my coaching style, now that I have been exonerated from those silly abuse charges.

Ted Miller (3:23 PM) I never even entertained the notion of abuse. It was your public comments that were wrong. And useless. You accomplished nothing positive with the "corpse" talk. So if you want an apology: I am sorry a guy I respect showed poor judgment with his postgame comments multiple times.

Donald (Eugene) Can you put a call into your good buddy Larry Scott and have the ACC refs from the Fiesta Bowl transferred to the PAC12?

Ted Miller (3:25 PM) I really hope that the Pac-12 officials are told that they need to call fewer penalties and that erring on the side of no-call is better than 15 flags per game.

Jim (Portland) Is Lane Kiffen out next year, if USC under performs? Or do you think he has more time in the bank?

Ted Miller (3:28 PM) I think USC needs to improve significantly in all phases, and that Kiffin's seat is very hot. I am sure he knows that, too.

Anthony (Las Vegas) Stanford is going to be dominant on D, that is a certain, but how will they fair on offense after losing 5 of 6 of there leading recievers?

Ted Miller (3:29 PM) That is the big question. You like the O-line and QB Kevin Hogan, but you can't just write guys into playmaking roles. We need to see what they can do. I feel like the Cardinal has some nice potential answers, but potential is a speculative measure.

K. Whittingham (The "U") Think we can bounce back and make a bowl game next year?

Ted Miller (3:43 PM) My concern with the Utes is both lines. That's a big concern.

Eric (WA) Any BCS team have a more difficult schedule to start 2013 than the Cougs? At Auburn and at USC.

Ted Miller (3:49 PM) Cal plays Ohio State, Northwestern, Oregon, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Oregon State, Washington...welcome to Berkeley, Sonny Dykes!

Ducks for Life (Sacramento) Do you think the PAC-12 playing 9 conference games and an overall respectable OOC schedule will help or hurt the teams when the playoffs finally arrive?

Ted Miller (3:52 PM) Maybe, but I am told that folks like Larry Scott are making strength of schedule a big deal. Teams with horrible nonconference schedules will get docked, even if they play in the SEC. But I do think with the stakes as they are everyone needs to play the same conference schedule, either 8 for all or 9 for all.

Will J (Portland, OR) Heisman hopefuls from the conference next year are......?

Ted Miller (3:53 PM) Marqise Lee, Ka'Deem Carey, DAT, Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley, Taylor Kelly...

Dan (Denver) best TEs in 2013?

Ted Miller (3:59 PM) Seferian-Jenkins, Coyle at ASU, Richard Rodgers at Cal, Lyerla at Oregon... some potential at the position at Oregon State. Curious who emerges at Stanford. Lots of good ones at the position.