Poll: Life after Chip Kelly

Rejoice, Oregon fans. Finally, an all-Oregon poll. Of course, it's probably not the poll you'd like to be participating in, because it's about the departure of Chip Kelly.

What does his unexpected exodus to the NFL mean for Oregon and how the team will shape up next season. The Ducks will certainly take a hit in terms of national perception. AP voters who would have slotted the Ducks in the top three might drop them anywhere from fourth to sixth or seventh. But with so many A-list players coming back, does it really matter where they are in the preseason rankings? It's all about the wins, right?

So for your Thursday poll question: How many games does Oregon win in its first season without Chip Kelly as the head coach?

Your options:

14: Doing the math, this means a perfect season for the Ducks -- including a victory in the Pac-12 title game (thankfully moved to a Saturday this year) and a victory in the national championship. Chip? Chip who? Who is this Kelly person you speak of?

13: Undefeated teams are rare, and more than likely the national champion will have one loss along the way. So a 13-1 record with a national championship is nothing to scoff at. A 13-1 record with a loss in the title game wouldn't be horrible either for a first-year coach.

12: It would match this year's win total -- whether there is one loss or two depends on if they win the North. But folks probably wouldn't be too down if Mark Helf ... I mean whoever is the new head coach... can equal the 2012 win total.

11: After enjoying 12-win seasons for the past three years, would this be considered a letdown?

10 or fewer: Remember, Kelly went 10-3 in his first season as head coach, so would the new guy in charge really be met with scrutiny for a 10-win season? However, it's safe to assume that anything below double digits would be a disappointment.