Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my chat on Thursday, you can read the entire thing if you click here.

Even if you attended, you might want to re-live it.

But here are some highlights.

Haggmark (San Francisco) Keith Price, Bishop Sankey and a load of young talent are returning, recruiting is (again) going extremely well and Justin Wilcox will be a full year into fixing that defense. What are the odds that Huskies are for real and win the North next season?

Ted Miller (3:00 PM) I think the Huskies are a top-25 team in 2013. That said, they are a huge longshot to win the North. That seems like an either-or with Stanford and Oregon. I think the Huskies battle is with Oregon State for third place

What does ASU need more of, secondary or wide receivers?

Ted Miller (3:03 PM) Receivers.... for QB Taylor Kelly to become more of a weapon, he needs some pass-catchers other than Coyle and his RBs.

EM (Scottsdale) Pre-season Top 25 - how many PAC teams do you have in there?

Ted Miller (3:07 PM) My top 25 probably will include: Stanford, Oregon, Arizona State, Washington, Oregon State, UCLA and USC. Not necessarily in that order.

James (Oceanside, CA) Thoughts on the hiring of Clancy Pendergast as DC? Think the LBs excel under him after dropping off this past year?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM) Good hire. Cal did better than most against Oregon's offense, and I think the Trojans could adapt well to more odd-front looks. He knows the league, which is a big help.

Everybody dance now! (Party central) Is Travis Wilson the right fit at Utah?

Ted Miller (3:11 PM) He has potential. He clearly showed that. Now they need to tailor the offense to fit his present strengths and skill set. What would really help him is if the O-line comes together. And that's a big question. It's hard to be a good QB with O-line issues.

Doug (Pullman) What type of improvement for the Cougs do you see this year? Winning the apple cup certainly had to help with the mentality of the team moving forward

Ted Miller (3:19 PM) I don't yet have a good feel for the Cougs. I'd like to see if Halliday steps up at QB, which would be a good thing. & what about the O-line? I think a bowl game is a long shot in 2013, but I suspect the Cougs will be much more competitive in year 2 under Leach.

Phi Slamma Jamma (Los Eugeneles) Are you hearing anything on how the Scott Frost promotion has been received by other more senior offensive coaches at Oregon?

Ted Miller (3:26 PM) I asked Helfrich about that today... He's younger than most of the staff, particularly the guys who have been there a long time. Same with Frost. He said that everyone is a pro and gets along well. And, as good as the other offensive coaches are, Frost was the natural choice.

Joseph (St. George, UT) More important to a recruit: playing on a good team or playing time?

Ted Miller (3:32 PM) depends on the recruit, but the best recruits want to win and are confident they are good enough to win a starting job.

SDZald (San Diego) With the NCAA having problems with the Miami investigation and the state of Pen suing over the Penn St sanctions do you think that will help or hurt the upcoming NCAA investigation of the Ducks?

Ted Miller (3:35 PM) Probably no effect. But it would be unbelievable if the Ducks end up getting hit harder with the Lyles deal than Miami does for making like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Greg (LA) What level of outrage should USC fans be feeling over the way the ncaa was handling the Miami case?

Ted Miller (3:38 PM) The entire USC-NCAA affair was and is an egregious injustice. So feel free to relive that justifiable outrage every day. But that's no way to live. I know the folks at USC have moved on.

BawlmerBeav (In the frigid MidAtlantic) If you're taking followups ---- what team hands the Beavers their first defeat, and what team is Oregon's biggest threat?

Ted Miller (3:40 PM) Stanford is the likely stumbling block for the Beavers, which means a good shot at a 7-0 start. Stanford also is the Ducks biggest threat

Engineer Mike (Switzerland) If USC and LSU swapped fanbases, would Lane Kiffin be out of a job by now?

Ted Miller (3:41 PM) I think USC fans are pretty darn demanding, too. A lot of it is the AD: Haden is a measured sort who believes in giving Kiffin a full chance to prove himself. Which means this season is make or break.

Mike (San Francisco) How much does Cal improve from 3-9 next year?

Ted Miller (3:43 PM) Cal has a brutal schedule and some talent voids. I think 5 wins would be a solid debut for Sonny Dykes.

UAmatt89 (Tucson) I asked Kevin this a few weeks ago.You are now the AD at Ted Miller University. You can pick any coaches (currently employed or not) for your staff. Who is your HC, DC, and OC?

Ted Miller (3:50 PM) Nick Saban. Derek Mason. Noel Mazzone.

Mike (Englewood, CO) Should CU or even Utah run an up tempo offense to take advantage of their elevation to try and wear out opposing D's from the sea level?

Ted Miller (3:54 PM) I think there is some merit to that. But the hurry-up only works if you have good players and a coach who feels comfortable with it. If you go 3 and out in 30 seconds, you haven't taxed the defense much.

Drake Horner (Saban Nation) Don't believe in Anu Solomon? The dude is a stud. Rivals top 100 and ran the same offense in highschool and has started since he was a freshman in highschool. Sir he will be in the mix for QB at Arizona

Ted Miller (3:55 PM) Maybe. But you guys know how I am about filling in voids with guys who've never taken an FBS hit. It's pure speculation. Think about how many great HS players flop in college for a variety of reasons.

Troy Williams (Campus) How do you think the QB scenario will play out over the next couple years? Will KP be ousted by Lindquist or Miles? How will i stack up next to those guys after my redshirt season?

Ted Miller (4:00 PM) I think Price gets healthy and has a nice senior season. Then I think it will be an interesting battle in 2014 between some intriguing guys. I don't know enough to project a pecking order today, though I know some folks who think highly of Cyler Miles.