Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my Thursday chat -- and that's a silly question because of course you did not -- you can relive all the plot twists and turns here.

Otherwise, here's what we like to call the "chat wrap."

Greg (Tucson) There's been a lot of talk of [Jesse] Scroggins, [Anu] Solomon, or [B.J.] Denker as the next Arizona QB. But no one is talking about one of the most obvious choices -- redshirt freshman dual-threat QB Javelle Allen from RR's first recruiting class. What are the odds he steals the job?

Ted Miller (3:01 PM) He certainly will be in the mix. I don't know much about him because I've never seen him play. Denker has the advantage of game experience and preparing like a backup. The competition is wide-open, which is why there's so much intrigue. That and replacing one of the best QBs in the nation.

Donald (Eugene) With the hire of [Matt] Lubick as receiver coach and the recent commits at WR, do you think [new Oregon coach Mark] Helfrich is going to put greater emphasis on the passing game? Maybe develop a deep threat?

Ted Miller (3:03 PM) It would make sense for Oregon to pass more because: 1. It's got a QB with a good arm and experience: 2. All the top WRs from 2012 are back; 3. Helfrich & [new Ducks offensive coordinator] Scott Frost are both former QBs, and Helfrich in particular has worked with pass-first schemes.

Edward (Fort Campbell, KY) Oregon State was the surprise team in 2012. Who do you think will be in 2013?

Ted Miller (3:09 PM) I think Washington is going to be a top-25, perhaps top-15 team.

Sonny DeeLite (Oakland) What are the chances Cal becomes the big surprise in the Pac for 2013...similar to the success of UCLA, ASU in 2012? Sonny [Dykes] is inheriting quite a bit of talent and if [Zach] Kline is as good as advertised and is the next A.Rodgers...

Ted Miller (3:13 PM) Maybe if Kline gives the Bears good QB play, but I doubt it against that schedule. It will be an achievement to get to 6 wins and get back to a bowl game.

Jacob (Augusta, GA) Which Pac-12 team is surprising you the most on the recruiting trail this year?

Ted Miller (3:17 PM) UCLA has a chance to finish No. 1 in the conference. That would be a big move for [coach Jim] Mora and the Bruins.

Brett (Pullman,WA) will the cougs be bowl-eligible next year? and BTW WAZZU is the best party school

Ted Miller (3:19 PM) WSU would definitely be in that picture. ... Have spent some time at Ricos and the Coug. I think WSU has a good shot to get six wins. The key is [coach Mike] Leach getting the QB play he wants. And better O-line play.

Trojan1981(Not Michael) [via mobile] Bigger surprise take 2...kiffen is fired after a bad 7-5 year losing to Stanford ucla and ND or Stanford can't replace the pieces on offense and barely wins 8 games.

Ted Miller (3:22 PM) Stanford not winning 8 games. Or "barely" winning 8 games ... what that heck does mean? Did you counter your UCLA friends this year by saying, "Hey, you barely beat us this year. We beat you 50-zip last year!"

JessieWildcat (Miami,FL) How much of an improvement will Arizona have on defense with its new recruiting class?

Ted Miller (3:23 PM) With everyone back on the entire two-deep, it seems like the Wildcats will be better on defense. But they still are weak on the D-line. They need someone to rush the passer. Will an incoming player provide that? Maybe. I don't know.

BawlmerBeav (Steady State) You're a high school QB --- does recent OSU history give pause or seem like an opportunity?

Ted Miller (3:25 PM) If you've got the right mindset, you go, "Well, I'll just play great and remove all doubt."

Nick (LA) Do you think USC locker-room issues will become less prevalent with the departure of the [Pete] Carroll holdover guys? There weren't a lot but it certainly could have played a part, OG vs new school.

Ted Miller (3:33 PM) I think you cure locker-room issues by winning. But I also think [coach Lane] Kiffin and his staff need to make sure they are not abstracted from the locker-room culture. Kiffin might think about getting together a leadership crew -- a couple of players from each class who meet with him and talk about how things are going among the players.

DuckDude (David Shaw's Nitemares) Which newly promoted offensive coordinator has will have more impact in their first year, Mike Bloomgren at Stanford or Scott Frost at Oregon?

Ted Miller (3:35 PM) Interesting question. Both were promoted by head coaches who are former offensive coordinators at their present school. I also think both will mostly try to stay the course with present schemes. I think Frost might change the most, as noted early, because I think Oregon passes more next fall. Of course, [Kevin] Hogan with a year of maturity could throw more next fall, too.

displacedSunDevil (Seattle) Any word on Pac12 Network/Direct TV talks? Football season ends and I havent heard a word...

Ted Miller (3:42 PM) No ... and you likely won't anything until the pressure heats up this summer as the football season approaches. It's a massive frustration in the Pac-12 offices that DirecTV has handled negotiations the way it has. You need to understand that DirecTV doesn't believe Pac-12 fans have enough say in the market. The only way to get DirecTV on board is to drop it in favor of cable.

Manny (Indio) Is Nick's last name really Satan??

Ted Miller (3:46 PM) Only because he's devilishly good at winning national titles.

Shaq Thompson (Dawgtown) What position will I play next year?

Ted Miller (3:48 PM) You seem best used as a hybrid guy... an LB/Safety... I also wonder if you might be a guy who could rush the passer...

BloodlessGecko (CB's Dutch Oven) Better snack for Super Bowl: peanuts, or mondo bean burrito?

Ted Miller (3:55 PM) I'm making spicy short rib tacos. Know that they will be righteous.

Rich Rod (Tucson) Should I, better yet, can I do do anything to get Carey to focus on football rather than being a superstar?

Ted Miller (3:58 PM) You need to sit down with Ka'Deem and have a road to Damascus conversation with him. Now.