Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my Thursday chat, well consider this a microwave reheating.

You can review the entire text here.

And here are some highlights.

Ben (Denver, CO) Ted, which Pac-12 recruiting classes stood out to you? Which school did the best job in your opinion? Thanks!

Ted Miller (3:07 PM) UCLA really surged after getting a good class with [coach Jim] Mora in year one. A lot of momentum in Westwood. I think Washington continues to make a positive move.

Ronald Miller (Tucson) Ted - Who ends up winning Pac 12 coach of the year next season?

Ted Miller (3:07 PM) Steve Sarkisian.

Ernie (The Desert) Where does Arizona's recruiting class fall in the P12 pecking order?

Ted Miller (3:12 PM) In the middle, but my impression is [Rich] Rodriguez and his staff have a good eye for talent, see what they did at West Virginia. It would have been better if you could say with confidence, "This guy is going to get 10 sacks in a season before he is done."

Todd (Rockwall, TX) I believe UCLA and WA got a little boost from the small classes USC and Stanford signed this year. Who do you think will be impacted the most when all schools are going after full classes?

Ted Miller (3:13 PM) Great point ... two of the better recruiting schools were limited, though for different reasons. USC will always have the biggest impact in recruiting because it's USC. The immediate challenge will be to crosstown rival UCLA when the Trojans are again signing 25, but all Pac-12 schools have to hit southern California hard in recruiting.

Brian (Socal) Chances of Marcus Mariota winning a Heisman before he leaves?

Ted Miller (3:15 PM) As good as any player in the Pac-12. If he improves just slightly on his 2012 numbers, he may go to New York this go-around.

Dylan ((SLC)) Will Utah be ready for Michigan by 2014?

Ted Miller (3:18 PM) Yes. I think 2013 might be a bit of a struggle, but Travis Wilson should be all grown up by the time Michigan comes calling.

Briian (Socal) Give your assessment of changes you'll see with Oregon's offense in 2013 under [new coach Mark] Helfrich?

Ted Miller (3:21 PM) I think Helfrich will pass more than [Chip] Kelly did, but I'm not sure Kelly wouldn't have done the same if he were still around. You have an experienced QB with a nice arm and a veteran crew of receivers. And some questions at RB. I think it will be the same up-tempo pace.

EM (Scottsdale) What means more to you - a recruit's star rating or what schools are recruiting him?

Ted Miller (3:24 PM) A lot of times star ratings are based on who is recruiting a guy. If Alabama, USC and Notre Dame are all after a guy, I'd think he'd be pretty good. So I say the schools are more important than star ratings.

Brian (Portland) Ted, which teams from the North and South will have the best defenses next year?

Ted Miller (3:26 PM) Stanford in the north. South is more difficult. I'll say Arizona State.

JoeV (Denver, CO) What do you think about ASU not taking a QB in the recruiting class for the 2nd year in a row? With 3 capable QBs, the Sun Devils are a transfer and injury away from being down to one QB.

Ted Miller (3:29 PM) I'm sure it worries [coach Todd] Graham, who had a good QB from Georgia but lost him to Tennessee on signing day. He might look for a stop-gap guy in the coming weeks. But let's just say the 2 guys Taylor Kelly beat out are suddenly very valuable. All 3 QBs have at least 2 years of eligibility left.

Anthony (Las Vegas) How much of a production drop, if any, will Marqise Lee have next season?

Ted Miller (3:33 PM) I think he will drop significantly because the Trojans will break in a new QB. [Coach Lane] Kiffin will want more balance than he had in 2012 anyway. Lee will still put up nice numbers because he's so good and there's no Robert Woods with whom to share touches. But I'd guess he'll be well under 132 yards per game.

Savoy (Bakersfield, CA) Percent chance the Pac-12 CG includes a team that is not Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, or ASU?

Ted Miller (3:36 PM) 18.5 percent... My first thought is USC or Washington could surprise some folks. I'm going for a less certain posture after my certainty over USC-Oregon last summer.

Almanzo Wilder (Walnut Grove ) Ted - Should Oregon be worried about RB depth?

Ted Miller (3:40 PM) It is a question. Is Byron Marshall ready to be the guy? How many carries can you give DAT? And what about [Thomas] Tyner? It's not a huge worry, but it's a question.

Eric (East Bay) Can [new coach Sonny] Dykes return Cal to a bowl next season?

Ted Miller (3:48 PM) I think Cal will be better next fall but the schedule will make it tough to get six wins.

Ryan (Denver) How do you think Utah's all-around level of talent compares to the rest of the Pac 12?

Ted Miller (3:50 PM) Utah has proven competitive, but it lacks the overall depth of most other Pac-12 teams. I think it will be a gradual process. You'd think it would take 4 Pac-12 recruiting classes to really expect Utah to challenge for the top half.

Rocky (Los Angeles) Which of the Pac-12's new QBs has the best chance at starting this year? Which will be the best in 3 years?

Ted Miller (3:55 PM) Max Browne at USC. & I think he'll be the best, too.