Friday afternoon musings: EA Sports and the Pac-10

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Some of you may enjoy video games, particularly EA Sports NCAA Football '09. But even those of you who don't probably will find this list of the game's team ratings interesting. The ratings measure every Division I-A team on a 100-point scale on offense, defense and overall.

Georgia and Ohio State are tied at the top with 99 overall ratings. Western Kentucky was last with a 60.

Here's the Pac-10:

It's an interesting pecking order. Arizona and UCLA are a lot higher than many would have them, while Oregon is probably lower.

Some of the numbers are fairly curious, though.

  • Arizona's rating is the same as Auburn, Michigan, Virginia Tech and West Virginia... would any of you pick Arizona to beat any of them straight up?

  • Cal, Oregon and UCLA each own the same overall rating. Also getting 81s: Notre Dame, Northwestern, Nebraska, Illinois, Maryland, Kansas State and Georgia Tech. Give me Oregon and I'd let you pick any one of those...

  • Washington and BYU both got 79s. They meet on Sept. 6 in Husky Stadium to settle the score. By the way, Western Michigan also got a 79. Hmm.

  • Duke got the same 77 as Washington State and Oregon State (and Kansas, Boise State, Boston College and Texas A&M, for that matter). Duke has won two games over the past three seasons.

  • Stanford, with 16 starters back from a team that beat USC and Cal, got a 74, the same as San Diego State, New Mexico State and Bowling Green. And Fresno State, which most likely will be ranked in the preseason top-25.

Things that make you go hmm.

Some links:

  • Another Pac-10 media day poll published, this one by Kevin Pearson of The Press-Enterprise.

  • A look at USC's scoring decline.

  • Heisman Pundit on college football's fastest players. Here's one he missed: Washington State receiver Jeshua Anderson.

  • Hoops note... Ernie Kent and Oregon have agreed to a contract extension.

  • If you read newspapers and other mainstream media outlets, you tend to get one perspective on new UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel: negative. But this guy says Neuheisel is OK by him and includes a reflection on Neuheisel as a former USFL QB. This is why I often enjoy Bleacher Report. While a lot of blogs are bitter or profane or mean-spirited, most of the stories on Bleacher Report are fans just enthusing about what they think -- and those thoughts, more often than not, are fairly entertaining.

  • And, by the way, I also mostly enjoy the bitter, profane and mean-spirited blogs. I just hope that doesn't mean I'm a bad person.

Have a great weekend...