USC on economics, the election and 'Dancing with the Stars'

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

News conferences are often boring.

But sometimes odd-ball questions break up the tedium in interesting or amusing ways.

Reviewing the transcript of Pete Carroll's meet-and-greet with reporters this week, I found these exchanges:

Q: There's obviously a world outside of football, with the economic crisis, election coming up. What are your thoughts? Has it been brought up with your team? Has it affected any of the players?

Pete Carroll: As a matter of fact on Friday night Jeff Byers gave a little short dissertation to the team about the economic situation around the country, helped us all kind of come up to date with really what the crisis is all about. I thought he did a very good job, as a matter of fact.

We demonstrated that we all needed a little catching up in a teachable moment. We kind of had our heads buried in the sand for a while. Now we're all well-versed with the economic situation going on in the country.

Other than that, the presidential election, we've done a few straw polls, but I'm not going to let out the results. Don't want to play our hand too early. A big debate tonight. Our guys will be waiting with baited breath, I'm sure.

Follow Q: Who do you think will get kicked off "Dancing With the Stars" tonight?

PC: Well, I really don't know who's involved other than Warren Sapp I heard was. I'm sure he's going to steal the show [laughter].