Podcast and academic football powers

On this week's ESPNU College Football podcast, Ivan Maisel chats about the latest College Football Hall of Fame class, among other topics.

He's joined by former Arizona great Tedy Bruschi -- one of the 12 newest members of the Hall. Bruschi talks about his time with the Wildcats and his thoughts on the current state of Arizona football.

I went to the University of Arizona and I knew there were better facilities at UCLA and USC and all those other places. You can go out there and find athletes that want to play hard. I think that's the job of recruiting coordinators. That's the job of head coaches.

Also from Maisel is a nice piece on how elite academic schools have found success on the football field. Here's a snippet:

STANFORD, Calif. -- At a meeting of college administrators a few years ago, Howard Wolf found NCAA president Myles Brand eating breakfast by himself.

Wolf, the president of the Stanford Alumni Association, would chat up the guard at Buckingham Palace. Of course, he asked Brand if he could join him.

They talked about the NCAA and they chitchatted. Breakfast done, Wolf expressed his gratitude and got up to leave. Brand stopped him and said he had something to say. The NCAA membership needed Stanford to win. "Excuse me?" Wolf said.

"It is vital that Stanford succeed athletically," Brand said, "not only in the Olympic sports but in the marquee sports. If Stanford succeeds across the board, it shows the world of intercollegiate athletics that it can be done and done the right way. If, however, Stanford does not succeed in these arenas, it gives everyone else an excuse for how it isn't possible to be great in both academics and athletics.

"Don't let that happen," Brand said. "Don't give others that excuse."

You can read all of Maisel's story here.