Mora and the Ace Man

Not sure if anyone else is, but I'm a big Adam Carolla fan and listen to his podcast every day.

He regularly has a sports element to the show, and dedicated listeners know of Bald Bryan's love of all things USC football.

Tuesday Carolla was joined by UCLA coach Jim Mora from his charity golf tournament.

It's a good 20-plus-minute talk and Mora hits on a number of interesting topics, including his relationship with his father, his time as a coach in the NFL and what he looks for when he's recruiting.

I think the most important thing is you evaluate [a player] with your own eyes. You watch the film. You get to know the kid. You get to know the parents. And you make your own decisions. And certainly you take input from others that have been around him for a long time. Typically what we do is we're checking character references when we're doing that. We can see the athlete. We can see the work ethic. We can see the skill set. But we want to know the character of the kid ... we don't want the guy that's going to infect the locker room.

Carolla keeps it clean (mostly) and it's a very entertaining conversation. You can hear the complete interview here.

Other guests on Tuesday's podcast were Kevin Nealon and Pat O'Brien. So -- if you're able to -- settle in with a glass of Mangria and have a listen.