Arizona State is fighting back

Arizona State found some offense in the third quarter, but Arizona leads 14-3 heading into the fourth quarter.

Do the Sun Devils have 12 points in them? Based on what we've seen thus far, the answer is no.

But running back Dimitri Nance found some holes in the Wildcats defense in the third -- 50 of his 72 yards came in the quarter.

Arizona led Oregon by 10 in the fourth and lost in double overtime, but that was a completely different offense. The Sun Devils will be forced to throw in the fourth, and that raises a question that has riddled them all season: Can they get good quarterback play?

It appears this is senior Danny Sullivan's game to win or lose. He entered in the second quarter and will be the quarterback of record in the final football game of his career.

Sullivan is a stand-up guy. He got his big moment this season when a late bomb beat Washington.

Does he have some magic left?