No offense: USC-UCLA ain't got any

USC leads UCLA 14-0 with 7:01 minutes left in the third quarter, a 1/2-yard touchdown run from Allen Bradford providing the first offensive points of the game.

The Trojans first jumped ahead when Malcolm Smith intercepted a pass from Kevin Prince and ran 62 yards for a touchdown with 6:31 left in the first quarter.

And that was it for the scoring until the Trojans took advantage of UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince's second interception to drive 29 yards in seven plays.

Both offenses are struggling. Some of that's good defense, but a lot of it is poor offensive execution.

Both QBs are struggling. Prince has made more mistakes than Trojans counterpart Matt Barkley, who only has one interception.

USC has 173 yards. UCLA 149.

But the key advantage: UCLA has three turnovers; USC has just one.

The Bruins just switched quarterbacks to Kevin Craft. Maybe he has some senior magic in him?