Poll: Which Pac-12 offense rebounds?

On Monday, we looked at the five worst offenses in the Pac-12 in 2012: Utah, Washington, California, Washington State and Colorado.

The issue was not pointing out past badness but considering the potential for 2013 improvement. That included returning starters, the quarterback situation, offensive line starters back, star power and the biggest personnel loss.

Here's our chart:

We've already offered our take: While all five appear to have key ingredients for improvement this fall, Washington and Washington State both seem poised to make the biggest jump.

And, yes, while our faith in the Huskies is based in returning talent and experience, our belief for the Cougars is firmly rooting in our belief that you just can't keep a Mike Leach offense down.

Ah, but what's your take?

You might see Utah with fairly good scoring numbers in 2012 despite all sorts of issues, and view the arrival of Dennis Erickson to help Wilson as grounds for a huge jump.

California, while it has some holes, also has intriguing talent at the skill positions, and new coach Sonny Dykes has a strong track record developing offenses.

Colorado? Well, for one, the numbers. A 20 percent improvement would add less than four points. Richardson alone is worth a four point improvement -- or have you forgotten how good he is?