The news gamers have been waiting for...

For all the gamers out there eagerly awaiting the release of EA's NCAA Football 14, there's good news.

The team ratings are out!

For those in the gaming world, I'm assuming this is huge news. I haven't gamed in a while -- I'm assuming it's still pretty much like Tecmo Bowl, right? Who didn't love playing as Bo Jackson.

Fortunately, Evan Webeck of the Husky Haul seems like he knows what he's talking about, and he was gracious enough to post the team ratings for the whole conference. The ratings are broken up into: Overall, offense and defense.

Here's how the Pac-12 stacks up (and since it's a Washington site, you can see which Washington players are rated).

  1. Oregon: 95 (overall), 99 (offense), 92 (defense)

  2. USC: 91, 95, 90

  3. Stanford: 91, 91, 93

  4. Washington: 91, 91, 90

  5. UCLA: 88, 88, 87

  6. Arizona: 86, 86, 88

  7. Utah: 86, 84, 87

  8. Arizona State: 84, 86, 83

  9. Oregon State: 84, 86, 83

  10. Cal: 84, 86, 83

  11. Washington State: 81, 83, 80

  12. Colorado: 79, 81, 78

Webeck also tosses in what his own ratings would look like (I'm guessing Arizona State and Oregon State fans prefer his rankings to the game's) and he also makes a declaration about avenging the Apple Cup "a couple dozen times." Andrew Furney's ears just perked up.

Unfortunately, as a famous philosopher never said, history isn't written by those with the controller.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take out Mike Tyson (007-373-5963) before I hit up some Contra (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right B, A, start).