Your future power rankings: Part 1

Lots of submissions. Lots of opinions. Here's part I of your future power rankings. Part II runs in an hour.

Troy in Spokane (had to edit post down significantly): 1. Stanford 2. UCLA 3. Washington 4. USC 5. Oregon 6. Arizona 7. Oregon State 8. Arizona State 9. Cal 10. Washington State 11. Utah 12. Colorado. Stanford has everything going under David Shaw and has proved that they will remain elite as long as he is the coach there. UW is moving into beautiful new digs, and Steve Sarkisian has shown the ability to bring great talent from California up north. However, Sark's inability to keep a few in-state kids home plus Jim Mora & Co.'s attracting recruits from everywhere (including the Northwest from which he has connections) is why I have to give UCLA the edge.

Kyle in Portland: 1. Oregon 2. USC 3. Stanford 4. UCLA 5. Oregon State 6. Arizona State 7. Washington 8. Arizona9. California 10. Utah 11. Washington State 12. Colorado. There's some separation after the top 3 and 3-8 are interchangeable. Ducks remain #1 because of the talent there and the fact that there won't be any major changes to the system with Helfrich. USC will be back and Stanford isn't going anywhere.

Devildog_Bruin in Los Angeles: 1. Stanford 2. Oregon 3. UCLA 4. Oregon St 5. Arizona St 6. Arizona 7. Washington 8. USC 9. Cal 10. Utah 11. Washington St. 12. Colorado

Joe in Collegeville, Pa (edited for potty mouth): 1. USC 2. Oregon 3. UCLA 4. Stanford 5. Washingon 6. Oregon State 7. Cal 8. Arizona State 9. Utah 10. Arizona 11. Washington State 12. Colorado. I put the Trojans at the top because once Lane Kiffin lets the door hit him in the (tushy) on the way out, my boys have nowhere to go but up. And if they're going up, I may as well put them back on top where they belong.

Raj in Bear Territory (edited for cleverly being the first guy ever to use a dollar sign for the 'S' in USC and replacing the 'O' with a 'U' in Stanford): 1. Oregon 2. USC 3. Stanford 4. Cal 5. Zona 6. OSU 7. Utah 8. ASU 9. UDub 10. UCLA 11. Colorado 12. Wazzu. Oregon gets no sanctions, Kiffin gets fired (hence the improvement) as does Leach, and Mora bounces to the NFL while Graham goes to next "dream destination." Dykes runs high octane offense to perfection, but MacIntyre needs more than 3 years. UDub is low because Sark is a joke and is just hype.

Kim in Eugene: 1. Oregon - best position coaches 2. Stanford - David Shaw = #2 3. Arizona - Richrod, a program builder 4. Washington - Wilcox is the key 5. UCLA - Will Mora stay? 6. OSU - great culture with coaches and AD 7. USC - Kiffin 8. Utah - great culture, less talent 9. Cal - Defense? Patience with Dykes? 10. ASU - Graham bolts 11. WSU - Leach fails 12. Colorado - lack of trust and solidity.

Cardinal _2001 in Realsville, Footballton: 1) Stanford 2) Oregon 3) UCLA 4) USC 5) Washington 6) OSU 7) Cal 8) Arizona 9) Utah 10) WSU 11) ASU 12) Colorado. Stanford because the recruiting has been excellent and the Shaw looks settled to the point of not wanting to leave. Oregon facilities and overall sexiness appeals to recruits that fit their system well. I just do not see UCLA beating Oregon once in the next three years. Places 5-12 are all interchangeable.

Bob in Portland: 1. Oregon, 2. UCLA, 3. Stanford, 4. ASU, 5. OSU, 6. Washington, 7. USC, 8. Utah, 9. Arizona, 10. Cal, 11. WSU, 12. Colorado.

Ron in Los Angeles: 1. Oregon 2. Stanford 3. UCLA 4. USC 5. Arizona 6. Arizona St. 7. Washington 8. Oregon St. 9. Utah 10. Cal 11. Colorado 12. WSU. Oregon only gets a slap on the wrist from NCAA, have the best facilities and atmosphere and Helfrich is a hell of a coach. As long as Stanford has the best coach in the conference they will be at the top. Mora is changing culture in LA, kids now want to go to UCLA. USC will always be USC, once they dump Kiffen they will rise to the top. Kids like to go to the Arizona schools, now that they have a coach, Rich Rod, they should be consistently good. Ditto for ASU and Graham. UW has a new stadium, but same old coaching staff, who's not elite. Great coaching staff, but no facilities and it's Corvallis. Once Utah's new facilities are built, they will rise, until then they are stuck. Cal's new stadium is already a headache, tough sell for Sonny Dykes. Love Colorado's new coaching hire, but it's going to take awhile for Mac to deliver. I don't think the Pirate will ever get his ship out of the port.

PJ in Vancouver, Wash.: 1) USC 2) UW 3) Stanford 4) Oregon 5) UCLA 6) Oregon State 7) Arizona 8) Arizona State 9) California 10) Colorado 11) WSU12) Utah. USC will continue to get the best recruits, and once their scholarship reductions are off, they will be loaded once again. The only question is who will be their head coach; either Kiffin will prove he can do it this year, or they'll get a great replacement. The sanctions for Oregon will drop them, although they will still have talent. Colorado, WSU, and Utah are going to need to prove they can recruit in order to compete.

Dave in Junction City, Ore.: 1. Stanford 2. Oregon 3. UCLA 4. Oregon State 5. USC 6. Arizona 7. Washington 8. Arizona State 9. Cal 10. Utah 11. Colorado 12. Washington State.