Vote for your #UltimateTeam

ESPN has teamed up with EA Sports to bring you the #UltimateTeam vote. We’ve selected the top five offensive and defensive players for 16 of the elite programs in college football history. Which is the Ultimate Team? Round 1 of the voting begins today.

USC is the Pac-12's only representative. But the Trojans received an impressive No. 2 seed.

The roster includes:


  • Matt Leinart, QB

  • Keyshawn Johnson, WR

  • Mike Williams, WR

  • Dwayne Jarrett, WR

  • Robert Woods, WR


  • Clay Matthews, LB

  • Rey Maualuga, LB

  • Willie McGinest, LB

  • Chris Claiborne, LB

  • Troy Polamalu, S

As the No. 2 seed, they face a 15th-seeded, Cam Newton-led Auburn team. Get out the vote people. We don't need any upsets. Besides, we know there is only one great story out there of a 15 beating a 2. And that's Santa Clara over Arizona (that's right, BearDownAZ, I went there).

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