Pac-10 Morning: Bruin good news, a big Husky

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

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  • This is big news for UCLA. From Brian Dohn's LA Daily News UCLA Blog: "UCLA running back Kahlil Bell continues to look great in 7-on-7 drills and will be ready for training camp. He is showing great acceleration catching the ball and moving laterally. The only inkling he is coming off reconstructive knee surgery is the brace he is wearing during the drills.
    Technically, Bell has not been medically cleared to practice, but he told me recently he expects that to happen in early August, when he is examined by the UCLA doctors
    ." When healthy, Bell is one of the conference's better backs. He and the speedy Raymond Carter, who's also coming back from a knee injury, would be an outstanding tandem. The operative phrase being, "when healthy."

  • Speaking of important pieces of UCLA's offense... here are some quick hits from a Press-Enterprise interview with, Yoda, er, coordinator Norm Chow.

  • An update from Cliff Kirkpatrick's Oregon State blog on super-recruit DE Simi Kuli: "And for those worried about DE Simi Kuli, I did hear that it's still 50-50 of him being at the beginning of camp but he should make it in at some point. That means he has a big work load he has to complete and is struggling to get it in. If he doesn't pass all his classes, there's a short session he can take and get in." We shall see. These things often take on a life of their own, forcing beat writers to ask for updates on a daily basis for weeks. Cliff's surely excited about that: "Er, Coach Riley, know I asked you this 30 minutes ago but any new info on Simi Kuli?" It's sort of an adult, beat-writer version of "Are we there yet?" squawked by a 6-year-old from the back seat.

  • Molly Yanity wandered out to a Washington offseason workout and reported a mixed bag. She noted a light turnout of about 20 players -- but also asked that no one jump to conclusions. The conclusion she's worried about: When the Huskies invariably insist -- just like every other football team across the country -- that they had their best offseason workouts ever, it should strain your credulity. On the upside, she wrote this about incoming freshman defensive tackle Alameda Ta'amu: "When I saw his weight of 348 pounds listed on the current roster, I wondered if he hadn't fallen out of shape a bit. I can't honestly tell you the incoming freshman from Rainier Beach is hard as a rock, but he passes the sight test. He doesn't appear to be all that flabby and is just mammoth." A potential massive stuffer inside the D-line should make UW fans grin.

  • Scott Wolf's USC blog delivers more than inspiring pictures and trenchant analysis on the Song Girls controversy -- Here he notes a late staff change for the Trojans.

  • The Orange County Register has juiced up its college football blogs... here's a piece that asserts USC's national title hopes won't be dashed even with a loss to Ohio State.

  • A Bleacher Report review of California recruiting in 2002-'03... who went bust and who went boom?

  • This is outside the Pac-10, but it's thorough and insightful analysis on "BCS Busters" from the so-called Mid-Majors.

  • The WSU Football Blog is way too good to be called the "WSU Football Blog"... What about Cougdom Come? Or WazzuWaZoo? Or Cougin' It in a Good Way? Or "We're the most lubricated fan base in the Pac-10"? Anyway... here's the blog's Pac-10 predictions (find it below the tweak of columnist Norm Chad's tweaking bloggers). In these predictions, the Cougars are picked ninth. Hmmm... didn't one of you guys write this only days ago about my picking WSU 10th?

    "So, with that in mind, Ted, I offer you a one-of-a-kind cyber deal. We finish tenth in the PAC as you predicted and I will perform any reasonable act of self-humiliation and/or homage as you desire on this blog or through any feasible media outlet.

    However, if we finish seventh or better as I predict, then you come on this Blog for a Brinkhater exclusive."